What's everyone take for supplements? Vitamins, Pre-workout, Recovery, Protein?



  • shadow2soul
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    One Source Women's Multivitamin
  • earlnabby
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    Kirkland multi vitamin/multi mineral: just because
    5000 IU Vitamin D: I get SAD and I also need it for anemia
    325 mg iron: Dr. prescribed for anemia
    1250 mcg B 12: also to help with anemia
    1000 mg MSM: for the joints (helps with hair and nails too)

    I also have a scoop of Body Fortress protein powder daily, usually either vanilla or chocolate. I don't care for the fancy flavors.
  • Sarahliquid
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    Women's multi, calcium, D, H A, royal jelly, omega 3, gelatin, horse tail, glucosamine, Texas super food (fruit and veggie pills)
  • giantrobot_powerlifting
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    Whey protein and Creatine and coffee for preworkout. And Advil for when achy.
  • brightwell44
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    Fish oil , healthy diet, vpx shotgun pre workout, vpx synthesize during workout
  • Multivitamin, fish oil, vit D and whey protein
  • dragthewaters
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    None currently; I try to get as much as possible from food. Plain Greek yogurt on most mornings for probiotics (this has actually made a huge noticeable difference in my digestive health). Calcium from dairy and kale (I used to take calcium pills, but now I get all I need from those sources). Iron from random stuff, like wheat-based foods, nuts/legumes, and spinach. Various nutrients from other vegetables and whole grains.

    I'm considering trying protein powder, spirulina, and wheatgrass, more out of curiosity than anything else. Also maybe fish oil and maybe iron supplements? Anyone have recommendations for when it's good to take those? Or anything else the "average healthy person" should probably be taking?

  • monikker
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    I'm considering trying protein powder, spirulina, and wheatgrass, more out of curiosity than anything else. Also maybe fish oil and maybe iron supplements? Anyone have recommendations for when it's good to take those? Or anything else the "average healthy person" should probably be taking?

    Fish oil with your fattiest meal of the day (same for multi-vitamin if you started taking one). Iron is best on empty stomach along with some Vitamin C for absorption, although if you're queasy on empty try with a light snack. Avoid calcium with it cause that can possibly interfere with absorption. Wheatgrass and spirulina possibly more absorbed on an empty stomach but not sure they've proven that.

    Google article Pill-Popping 101 by Ben Greenfield, he lays out a good supplement schedule for active types. I know about the iron cause I had some bad anemia before. Also, this article gave me more info on iron.
  • monikker
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    My supplements (warning, I'm an addict. Sure you can get your nutrients from food but you can get so much more with supplements!)

    I don't consider protein a supplement really, but I take 1-2 servings of protein powder a day right now (Dymatize Extended Release, I got 4 lbs for $33)

    Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass shake after I lift.

    7 g fish oil (NOW Foods Ultimate Omega)
    Multivitamin (HEB women's with fruits & veggies blend)
    Vitamin D
    Evening Primrose 1-2x per week to allow fish oil to do its full duty in my brain
    Vitamin C with second half of fish oil
    Iron from plant sources with Vit C 1-3x per week as I'm not eating red meat for now...and I'm female.
    BCAAs & glutamine 5 g 1-2x per day with protein
    Milk Thistle in 2-3 doses for liver support
    Was taking dandelion root for liver, bought the tea now but it tastes funny
    Decaffeinated mega green tea extract 725 mg
    Maca Root for energy and libido (yes it has worked for me on the latter)
    Taurine & B12 a few times a week (I read that taking creatine depletes taurine. It's just an amino acid.)
    Since I'm not bulking and I ran out of beta alanine, I'm not taking beta alanine or creatine right now. But when I return to my goal of gaining muscle, they'll be back. (I've got a tub and a half of BodyTech creatine in my cabinet. I literally have my own supplement cabinet.)
    I do have greens - just got Kelp caplets, also drink a powdered mix sometimes. Amazing Grass Green Superfood.
    I started juicing wheatgrass - also have gotten the shots at Jamba Juice a couple times lately.

    I LOVE supplements. Find me a food nutrient snob who can get half of that in their food...
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    I eat a wide variety of food and plenty of it.

    And I'd already rattle like a pill bottle if you picked me up and shook me. I don't need to add anything else to the list.

    I'm not adverse to taking them - I took iron tablets for anaemia when I was pregnant and I have to admit to (stupidly - I'm already on medication that has a habit of screwing up your kidneys) using whey powder for a few months when I started beefcaking. But it's just not necessary for me personally.

    And I don't know what a food nutrient snob is, but I can't fathom why I need liver support. I think my other organs do a great job of propping it up in there, and my skin keeps it all in place.

  • PeachyCarol
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    In general: a multivitamin and biotin

    Because I'm on Humira and it makes me prone to certain issues: a probiotic

    Prescribed by my neurologist for chronic migraines: butterbur, CoQ-10, Magnesium, B-2

    Because I'm a vegetarian and feel best with lots of protein: whey/egg/casein protein or Quest bars
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  • martyqueen52
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    You really don't NEED anything.

    If I were to reccommend you anything, it would be'

    -green tea pills (doctor recommended to me after I had mono, I never get sick anymore)
    -Fish oil
    -Pre-workout with creatine in it, such as Citadel Nutrition Tier 1

    Anything else is not needed unless under instruction of a doctor. You really don't even need what I listed, but, it helps.
  • AmazonMayan
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    I only take a multi gummy and/or b12 occasionally if I know I haven't eaten the most nutritious stuff for awhile. I have issues with vitamins and being able to keep them down (including during pregnancy), so I have always kept a wide variety of foods in my diet to make sure I get what's necessary.
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    Fish Oil
  • nono706
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    I take a prenatal vitamin, a calcium magnesium combo, and DHA. Oh, and a probiotic. I take these when I remember, rarely to I get a full days worth down in one day. That's nine capsules plus two liquid doses of probiotic.

    I also drink a Vega brand protein drink every morning.

    Almost hit post, but I should mention: I'm 31 and have given birth to two children in the last three years, plus breastfeeding for 14 months with my first child and I'm currently nursing as well. My naturopath suggested I take the prenatal as well as the cal/mag while nursing and for at least a year after giving birth.

    The protein powder is because, yup, I have two little kids, so I have to hit the ground running and it's often the only thing I can eat between waking up and lunchtime.

    The probiotic helps with gas and bloating.
  • activgrl
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    I highly recommend that no matter what your fitness goals are, take a BCAA supplement!!!! Helps with fat loss, muscle mass retention, and soreness. Very important especially is you're cutting calories.
  • foursirius
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    Orange triad as my multi. Jym products for protein, pre, and pwo.
  • DoughJ000
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    I take juice plus! It's organic whole foods fruits and Vegs in capsules, and then I take the juice plus complete protein shake after work outs or as a meal replacement! I also take a prenatal just bc I'm growing my hair out. Lol :-) if you are interested in juice plus please let me know!
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    I take a normal multi vitamin every morning, along with fish oil (when I remember) and Liporidex to give me more energy and help with my appetite. I have also started taking a pre workout but still need to find one that doesn't mess with my stomach too much. I am all for supplements as long as they don't contain any harmful chemicals and a bunch of stuff I have no idea what it is. Any recommendations for a pre would be great. @shesFIT12 juice plus seems interesting. May be good if I don't get in all my veggies for the day.