164LBS LOSS Before & After pics and still losing :)



  • congratulations! I hope you are very proud of yourself for doing so wonderful!
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    Absolutely awesome job! You look fantastic!
  • wow!! awesome job!!!
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    Please add me as a friend, you are my shero!!! I need people like you in my fitness circle!!!
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    Amazing! I really needed to see this today.
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    Simply fabulous!!
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    Oh Jesus! That is beyond AMAZING!!!!!! You look terrific!!!
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    Want DNA samples from both pics ;) you are amazing
    Done! I can show some face shots... haha :) It is a crazy transformation.

    For those that asked about my workouts. I actually lost 150lbs just calorie counting and doing light cardio. I got down to a "skinny fat" then I started lifting. Bumped up about 30lbs, then have cut from there down to where I am now. For 9 months (Jan-Oct) I did no cardio, just lifted heavy, and now that I am prepping for my show have just started doing some cardio along with lifting :)

    Bravo! That is a stunning transformation. How many calories did you eat per day? What do you consider light cardio? How did it take for the initial 150 pound loss? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just totally inspired!
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    Amazing! You look incredible :)
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    You rock and are officially my newest inspiration!
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    Oh my goodness....you look amazing!!!
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    I totally agree with everyone. Wow! Wowzer! Awesome! God bless you!
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    I see you're holding a baby, so I assume that the baby is yours. This gives me hope that I won't have a saggy mom belly for the rest of my life! Congratulations. You look absolutly amazing!
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    Amazing, congratulations and motivating!! Thank you!
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    You are truly inspiring
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    Wow! Great work.
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    Damn girl! That's some serious motivation for me to keep this up!
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    I don't post much, but this is definitely worth saying AWESOME JOB. Love, love, love those abs!
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    Congratulations! You look fantastic and I am quite sure you feel totally amazing too! Great job, great inspiration!
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    awesome...Huzzah to the New You!