Why did you choose your username?



  • inchwormbyinchworm
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    An inchworm is a kind of exercise. It’s not necessarily something I do everyday; rather, it reminds me of this journey. When you do inchworms, you can’t be in a hurry, and it’s not really always pleasant, but if you keep on keepin’ on, you’ll get to where you want to be. I hope I am blessed with the perseverance to keep on keepin’ on.

  • inchwormbyinchworm
    inchwormbyinchworm Posts: 180 Member
    Was when I started my diet & exercise regimen.


    Google Diane Carbonelle and Erika Kendall. Diane has a nice list of 25 mistakes people make in weight loss, and Erika has a fantastic series on emotional eating and self care.

    Good luck!
  • mjohnson1twenty
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    my username is my first name initial and my last name with my goal weight as a reminder of where i want to be at the end of my weight loss journey...
  • PeachyCarol
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    Mine is totally boring. I'm a mother, and Peach was a childhood nickname. I mostly picked it because I've used some variant of it for years and my memory is crap. Choosing something new would throw me.
  • BodyByButter
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    Because it's true.
  • SandyCoils
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    If you look at my hair you can see why. :p
  • malibu927
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    It's one I've used in other places...not because I'm from Malibu (I've never even been to California), but because I drive a Malibu.
  • JSurita2
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    Mine is boring. First initial and last name and I don't remember why 2. I think I may have used this site before with JSurita and couldn't remember my password. I'd like to change it to something more fun. Is that even possible on here?
    ROBOTFOOD Posts: 5,527 Member
    Name of my favorite snowboard video.
  • BrotherBill913
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    Brother Bill is what people call me IRL because I organize and coordinate volunteers for home repair projects to help people who are in need due to someone in the home being seriously ill, sometimes terminal. 913 is my area code.
  • mzjenn2u
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    It's my name on instagram and twitter and used to be my "middle name" on facebook....everyone always called me Mz Jenn....so yep it just kinda stuck
  • LandyBreigh
    LandyBreigh Posts: 207 Member
    My grandfather used to play with words. Instead of saying "bowl of cereal" he would say "sowl of bereal." My name is Brandy Leigh, he called me Landy Breigh. :smiley:
  • gam3rguy
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    I play video games...and am a guy. :/
  • kittenful
    kittenful Posts: 318 Member
    Kitten is something of a nickname.
    -ful is an addition that made it unique without adding numbers.
  • Asher_Ethan
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    My kids are Asher and Ethan.
  • youtastelike
    youtastelike Posts: 17 Member
    I wanted to pick "marjorie stewart-baxter", beacuse she's Salad Fingers' "best friend" in the creepy series, but it was reserved. So Salad Fingers says to her one time: "You taste like sunshine dust!" What a sentence I thought - so that's how my name came from :) If you don't know the Salad Fingers series and would like your brain just blow off from grotesque scenes, here is the ominous piece of the series where marjorier is introduced:
  • fattofit_fritch26
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    because I want to go from "fat to fit", "fritch" is the first part of my last name, and 26 is my lucky number
  • NerdieMcChub
    NerdieMcChub Posts: 153 Member
    I'm a nerd and I'm chubby... also because I have a sense of humor.
  • KimWW
    KimWW Posts: 309 Member
    Mine might seem obvious, but I chose it with a reason. I had spent years hiding from my weight (as if that is possible) and I decided to really OWN who I was and my struggle with food and exercise. (As well as with my self esteem and feeling invisible.)
  • dawnsnarks
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    My username is the same as my twitter handle because I'm lazy. And snarky. So it all works.