What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Clothing costs:
    No one ever tells you how empty your pockets will be during the weight loss and afterwards. I really should have kept track of the overall expense but never even considered it, I bet I've worn a very nice all inclusive resort package somewhere.

    Mind you I'm not complaining about the amount of money I've spent because I'd do it all over again to feel the way I do now but I really am kind of curious so if any of you are just starting out that might be something interesting to track.

    I know how you feel! I'm trying to wear pants as long as I can before breaking down and buying new ones. It's hard. I feel like everything is falling off of me, but I need to save the money and not buy new clothes every month! I agree though, I'd go through the stress of clothing all over again to feel this good!
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    What no one told me about being on MFP is how I would trade a food addiction for a forum addiction. I find myself checking in on the threads waaaaay too much during my work day!

    I feel you.

    Story of my life
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    Being ACTUALLY handicapped, I get really annoyed when large girls take the handicapped stall. It's NOY for you...it's for us who really need it. Please...a little respect.
    I'm curious about this. I'm not handicapped but occasionally use the stall, just like I would any other. I don't think about it much but just do what's convenient. In 25 years I have probably seen one actual handicapped person use the handicapped stall. Is it truly rude to use it if you are not handicapped? Should it be left open at all times, or is it reasonable for the handicapped person to wait for one person who might be in there. I truly want to know and am open to changing my behavior.

    Laura, see my reply a couple of pages back. :)