I did it for the cosplay



  • awlee11
    awlee11 Posts: 1 Member
    You are amazing!! You're a brilliant Ms Marvel. I can't wait to be able to cosplay!!!

  • pili90
    pili90 Posts: 302 Member
    You look amazing! Those are some awesome cosplays!
  • NikonPal
    NikonPal Posts: 1,346 Member
    How cool! I'm jealous and may have to think up my own cosplay....perhaps an "old guy" super hero :) NICE JOB!
  • cazpom37
    cazpom37 Posts: 88 Member
    awesome post and a fab loss, your costume looks great! put a smile on my face ready for the day ahead :)
  • filmlass
    filmlass Posts: 27 Member
    UmmSqueaky wrote: »
    Sure, health, fitness, overall general wellness, blah blah blah. But what really motivated me to lose weight was wanting to look fabulous in costume. And now that I'm at my approximate goal weight, I've gotten my dream costume. Ever since the new Ms. Marvel was announced in the fall of 2013, I knew I wanted to cosplay her. My weight loss ticker background here on MFP since the very beginning has been a panel from her comic. I had this costume in my mind every single day on MFP, from 205 lbs down to 120.

    And now here I am, actually willingly prancing around in spandex, in public.

    From this (which is actually 15 lbs less than my starting weight, so it was actually worse):


    To this:


    I took a brief break from MFP in the last month, but two and a half months into maintenance, and I'm feeling fine. Now that I've got a good size collection of costumes that fit, I'm motivated to maintain my weight loss so I can continue to fit into them. It would be a shame to hang up Ms. Marvel anytime soon. Plus, I've got a whole long list of other costumes on the to do list!

    Yes, I did it all for the cosplay.

    I'm not talented enough to sew myself - the awesome people behind Celebration Generation are responsible for the costume and Ms. Marvel pictures.


    Wow, well done! You look amazing! Am doing the same trying to lose weight to cosplay. Only 4 weeks left so not going to happen for this comic con but hopefully the next!
  • filmlass
    filmlass Posts: 27 Member
    AHHHHH Love it! My goal is to look adorable as Kaylee from Firefly this Halloween. I got the umbrella and just need the rest. You look so good and look so happy!

    I cosplayed as Kaylee last year :)
  • Zelinna
    Zelinna Posts: 207 Member
    You look great! Good job!
  • superspork2
    superspork2 Posts: 99 Member
    Your Rose and Alfie/Samandriel Cosplay brought out some serious fandom in me haha. I love it though! Keep going, you look so great!!
  • erojoy
    erojoy Posts: 554 Member
    edited March 2015
    Ok, um this post is AWESOME!!!! I live in MPLS too. Hope you have fun at Convergence this year. One of my good friends goes every year, but I'm always working.
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