What are the TOP 10 things you did to achieve success?

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1. The most important change?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. so
7. on
8. &
9. so
10. forth ....


  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    Improve accuracy in my logging: got a food scale and quite taking days off
  • mskinner1091
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    1. Eat at a deficit
    2. Drink lots of water
    3. Exercise
    4. Log food accurately
    5. Eating 4-6 small meals daily
    6. Talking about my success with others
    7. Journaling
    8. Educating myself on food & fitness
    9. Cooking at home more
    10. Love myself!
  • angier321
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    1. Eating at a deficit
    2. Measuring everything
    3. Staying away from the vending junk machine
    4. Replying to and reading postings a LOT
    5. Remembering how absolutely terrible i feel when going overboard with food
    6. Telling my inner 5 year old that I don't need all the junk
    7. I truly love salads with all sorts of yummy things in them
    That's about all I got for now...
  • katsmo
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    1. Figured out my diet first, then added exercise to the mix.
    2. Always plan ahead, pre-log my day, peruse restaurant menus/nutritional info online beforehand.
    3. Stick to my pre-logged plan each day and eat at a deficit.
    4. Don't go hungry or eliminate much of anything from my plate, but just eat in moderation.
    5. Don't use exercise as an excuse to pig out that day.
    6. Be good to myself on all fronts: with food, activity, fresh air, mental stimulation, massages, enough rest, etc.
    7. Have an open mind to other possibilities that may work for me.
    8. Comparison is the thief of joy.
    9. Follow my own path and make choices that will work best for me, regardless of what others around me are doing.
    10. When I fall, I have to power myself back up and start fresh the next day.
  • stevencloser
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    1. Eating less
    2. Moving more
    3. The daily calorie amount is less a limit and more of a guideline
    4. There is no 4-10.
  • yogsvr4
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    Eat less
    Exercise more

    Kept it simple.
  • dym123
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    1. Eat Less
    2. Be Patient
    3. Move More
    4. Be Patient
    5. Lift heavy things
    6 - 10. Be patient.
  • bergk24
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    1. Getting A Food Scale
    2. Exercising 5 days a week
    3. Drinking Water
    4. Weighing myself every week
    5. Talking to People about my goals
    6. Letting myself have a cheat meal
    7. Getting rewards when I hit milestones
    8. Preparing healthy choices ahead of time
    9. Not comparing myself to others but to myself
    10. Music
  • aldousmom
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    I don't have 10 things:
    1. changed my diet to mostly plants, and plant based foods (same calories)
    2. exercised more, but stopped "eating back the calories"

    i've maintained my goal weight (give or take a little) for a couple of years now, and I've become an ultra-marathoner (plus straight A's on my yearly physical)
  • AmyRhubarb
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    1. Figuring out my BMR and my TDEE and eating between those numbers to lose weight.
    2. Regular exercise that I enjoy and fits into my day.
    3. The mindset that this is for life.
    4. Therefore exercise, calorie, and weight loss goals need to be realistic and sustainable.
    5. No deprivation - no food is off limits, but I fit it into my goals.
    6. Slow and steady progress is still progress.
    7. Realizing can do anything I put my mind to - educating myself on nutrition and fitness wasn't difficult!
    8. Take progress pics for comparison and use a tape measure to track progress, not just the scale.
    9. Use a food scale.
    10. See #3. :smile:
  • wils5150
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    1. get the right frame of mind
    2. food scale
    3. food scale
    4. food scale
    5. move everyday
  • fat2strongbeth
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    1. Moving more
    2. Lifting weights
    3. Eating less
    4. Staying focused
    5. Not getting discouraged especially on bad days
    6. Being patient
  • jalunnijr
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    1. Change eating habits to slow down and reduce meal sizes
    2. Shop for fitness
    3. Reduce restaurant meals
    4. Drink zero calories
    5. Adopted circuit exercise 45 minutes 5 days
    6. Bought nutri bullet
    7. Reduced calories to 500 below maintenance
    8. Weigh daily
    9.didnt quit even after a pizza munchie attack
  • 111grace
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    Hi all Gorgeous People thank you so much for your replies, much appreciated and Kind Greeting to all :) Big Big Hugs {{ }}
  • Timorous_Beastie
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    1. Make the decision to start.
    2. Appropriate calorie deficit, logged accurately.
    3. Didn't demonize any particular food. Nothing is off limits.
    4. Regular exercise.
    5. Regular rest days.
    6. Learn to run and pace myself with C25k.
    7. Strength training.
    8. Focusing on measurements, how clothes fit, progress photos and fitness achievements rather than the number on the scale.
    9. That I'm worth the added expenses. Good shoes, good food, fitness equipment or gym membership... don't scrimp on those things.
    10. Breaks from logging. Currently, I don't log on weekends or major holidays. Otherwise, I get too OCD about it all.
  • knightreader
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    1. Be in right frame of mind
    2. it's a marathon, not a sprint
    3. You don't get skinny by eating one salad, just like you didn't get fat eating one hamburger
    4. drink a ton of water
    5. try new physical things
    6. prepare your food
    7. surround yourself with people with similar goals, not just here but in real life
    8. realize we are all different. what works for someone else might not work, or be practical, for you
    9. eat to live, not live to eat
    10. educate yourself
  • paisiovich
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    1. Acknowledged being sick and tired of being sick and tired.
    2. Joined boot camp.
    3. Increased cardio
    4. Workout twice a day
    5. Purchased a nutriIBullet to increase the volume of fruits and vegetables, protein, and other variables required for a well balanced diet. I make about 3-6 daily, feel a lot better, and have cut back 80% of my solid diet. It works.
    6. Removed most grains and dairy ( except Greek yogurt) from my diet.
    7. Purchased a polar heart rate monitor and Polar M400 to measure exactly what's going on.
    8. Added myfitnesspal to my arsenal which syncs with polar to provide me with a complete overview of both consumed and burned energy, fat, carbs, minerals, etc.. I extremely love the fact that I can just barcode scan my consumables or choose from a plethora of choices when you punch in a food choice.
    9. Focus more on things like diet deficiencies like iron and diet overloads like sodium, working out to increase flexibility and symitry as opposed to bulking that can cause injury which just puts you back to square one.
    10. Realizing that life brings you what you focus on. Wilful ignorance is systimized cruelty. Love yourself first, the earth you walk on and respect every plant and animals purpose.

    I combined myfitnesspal with my polar monitor at the beginning of March and have easily lost 17 lbs this month. This is probably the best physical and nutritionally combined monitoring system I've embraced mostly because it's incredibly easy to use and it's so robust.

    Add me
  • Machka9
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    1. Let MFP calculate my daily calorie amount based on a 0.5 kg loss each week.
    2. Eat under the daily calorie amount every day ... close, but just under.
    3. Weigh food/portions. That's very eye opening!
    4. Pay attention to calories ... read packages, research restaurants before I go, make educated selections.
    5. Make good food choices ... foods that are low cal, but are going to make me feel full longer. Choose wisely. Think about what I'm eating. Make deliberate choices.
    6. Savour my food ... I don't get to eat a lot of it these days, so I want to slow down and enjoy it.
    7. Spices and salt help reduce cravings ... my foods of choice tend to be very low salt. I found myself craving potato chips and other high calorie salty foods. When I noticed that my salt intake is less than half what it should be, I started salting my food, and the cravings for high calorie salty foods went away. Eating food with lots of flavour (spices of various sorts) also makes me feel more satisfied. Just because we're eating less, doesn't mean we have to eat bland.
    8. Do not drink my calories.
    9. Exercise more AND be more active in general. Get up and move. I count the "exercise", but I don't count whatever I might burn during the "be more active in general" part.
    10. Eat some, but not all, of my exercise calories.

    And ... know that weight loss is not linear. It doesn't happen in a nice neat line where you consistently lose 0.1 kg every day. It happens in fits and starts. But it happens.
  • aliali786
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    Fix my nutrition
    Drink more water
    Plenty of Rest
    And keep on increasing my knowledge on fitness
  • malibu927
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    1. eat less
    2. move more
    3. don't restrict foods I love
    4. lift all the things
    5. focus on nutrition, add treats in moderation
    6. buy a food scale and utilize it as much as possible
    7. understand that weight loss isn't linear
    8. realize this is going to be a lifelong process even after reaching my goal weight
    9. repeat 1-4
    10. repeat 5-8