What made you fat?



  • otheliemoor
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    When I was 18-24 I lived in a one room apartment that didn't have a working freezer or oven. In addition it was in the middle of town with take away options all around. So I ate to much.

    When I moved to somewhere with a kitchen those bad habits stayed with me for another 4 years before I started cooking food and eating regular meals.
  • Wiseandcurious
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    Eating a little too much for a long time.
  • GaleHawkins
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    40 years of carb abuse.
  • bfrance
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    brownies, cake, fried shrimp, cookies, donuts, In N Out, fried fish, candy, apple pie with ice cream, bagels with cream cheese and thick bacon, milkshakes, etc.
  • Delilahhhhhh
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    Far to many nights doing this.
  • Rashanti1
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    For me it started when my uncle used to literally by me all sorts of candy every day along with a 1 liter of soda. Also my mom, being from the south, cooked fried chicken A LOT. All of that plus little to no knowledge about diet or nutrition at time along with eating anything I wanted whenever I wanted.
  • HumboldtFred
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    I made poor decisions.
  • SteveMFP123
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    Laziness and greed.
  • pineappledreams32
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    getting out of high school and no longer be as active like with sports like i use to then not watching what i eat, back then i could eat a cake and not gain a thing with all the sports. then i just got careless and yup here i am today 80lbs heavier and trying to become a healthier me..
  • opalsqueak007
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    Drinking a lot of alcohol for 25 years and eating junk afterwards.
  • dbmata
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    Lying manufacturers and their inaccurately reported nutritional information made me fat.

    I wish the USDA would make manufacturers honest!
  • thursdayswoman
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    Graduate school. Food was always an emotional thing for me, but until graduate school I managed to stay both physically fit and a healthy weight. And then I went to graduate school, and doing anything except studying-reading-writing seemed somehow like a waste of time. And then there was the emotional eating that went through the roof. And straight to my butt.
  • UrnAsh_
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    Wendy's, alcohol, pizza
    Bad habits
  • Trying to cover up the thoughts of killing yourself with food
  • Rosie5151
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    Is this a trick question? LOL Here is the anwser... hand to food, food to mouth... I take all the blame for my fatness..I have to , no one else fed me. :smiley:
  • angelgreathouse9
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    Originally got fat when I was a child right after my parents divorced, got it under control as a teen, but didn't know nutrition and ballooned up the minute I moved out on my own being lazy and eating crap, I think I have finally figured it out now... I hope.
  • aemw93
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    I was never fat, thank god for my metabolism, but my parents didn't have restrictions on what I could eat or when so I developed very unhealthy eating habits! Chocolate for breakfast? Sure. 3 bags of crisps in one sitting? Knock yourself out. It was a food free-for-all :p
  • zira91
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    cakes.. lots and lots of it..

  • sunlovdove445
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    vividii wrote: »
    Getting a car. Prior to getting a car, I underestimated how much exercise I got just getting places, even with taking public transportation. Driving everywhere and not adjusting how I ate had a big impact on my weight.

    Getting a car all those years ago definitely contributed to my fatness. Before, i would think "Mcdonalds' sounds good. But i don't wanna take a bus and then transfer and then come back. Thats a long trip. And i'm not gonna walk 3 miles! I'll just get it later".

    After i got a car "hey. It'll be a 20 minute round trip and i don't even have to use my legs!" Fatness came easy

    Definitely same for me. I had to bike to get to nearest food joint and that always deterred me. As soon as I got a car though, the drive in at Wendy's was always an option! #2, medium fry and a few other things every week to binge on. Oh and I got no exercise.
  • runnrchic
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    Thinking I could eat whatever I wanted, because I run lots of miles. You can't out train a bad diet.