Looking for mfp friends who are doing Atkins or low carb diet



  • MissyFitz
    MissyFitz Posts: 2 Member
    Anyone here doing Atkins, keto or other low carb diet? Looking for friends who are willing to share their diary and offer each other support

    Feel free to add me too, I'm doing keto and would like some mfp friends too!
  • oregano13
    I don't do Aytkins because it's proved to be so dangerous. I am low carb but with a big emphasis on no grain based carbs, no sugars, no booze.
    I eat a lot veggies, as much as I can. I've known for a while that cutting out sugar and fast carbs makes my appetite so even and manageable, it's crazy. So when I just remember that, it's a great way to stay within whatever calorie goal.
    Open to new friends!
  • fitnessfitness988
    I'm planning to start Atkins in April. Have been yo-yo dieting with high-carb, low-fat diets since 2006. So I'm excited to see how this one will work out for me! :) feel free to add me. I've never done low carb before so it would be great to support each other through the experience.
  • charlotte251
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    I've not long started atkins (3 days/4 pounds/ no hunger) add me i'm blogging about it most days :)
  • tmdalton849
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    yes - join us over on the lc or keto forums!
  • jennymaria212
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    hi Guys!

    im new and i'd like to join and be added as a friend! :)
  • eva_letsdance
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    Hi, just started today. Pls add me. I am doing low carb, modorate protein, modorate fat.
  • NewBeginningBren
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    Low carber here. Feel free to add me.
  • gnalani
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    feel free to add me. Also consider joining us over on reddit!
  • wbckwoz
    wbckwoz Posts: 5 Member
    I am new to this --- my endocrinologist said I should try a keto diet - any suggestions on books/sites I should use to learn more?
  • Mistizoom
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    wbckwoz wrote: »
    I am new to this --- my endocrinologist said I should try a keto diet - any suggestions on books/sites I should use to learn more?

    There is a Launch Pad at the top of the Low Carber Daily Forum that has lots of good resources: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/394-low-carber-daily-forum-the-lcd-group

    If you post on what types of resources you are looking for in that forum, (theory, how-to, etc.) I will be happy to offer some suggestions.

    This site is also a good starting point: http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf
  • lovelaughrun
    lovelaughrun Posts: 45 Member
    I do low carb as best I can. When I stick to it strictly (no eating out) I feel awesome!
  • Silvia81martinez
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    Add me :smiley: I'm doing it too!
  • KaptainKatelyn
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    Just started, add me :) I weight in once a week.