Post here if you want more friends!



  • debraainsworth
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    Add me please! No die-t for me, I'm choosing to live-t!
  • lois1231
    lois1231 Posts: 328 Member
    Add me please just starting again. Need to lose over 100 pounds but starting with small goals first
  • Kalona4
    Kalona4 Posts: 4 Member
    edited March 2015
    Hi! I'm not new to the app, but I'm new to the Community. I'm starting again...but this is IT. I'm dedicated to eating healthy & exercising regularly. I need to lose 100 pounds and get healthy. I'm doing this alone so finding some friends here would be great.
  • Looking for funny motivational frens to kickstart my weight loss journey with a positive attitude!
  • aryseespieces
    aryseespieces Posts: 64 Member
    Add me ☺️ would love some motivation and to give motivation! Down 21 pounds!
  • I want people add me
  • 89tinastiny
    89tinastiny Posts: 5 Member
    Hello everyone, would totally love some more friends on here. So feel free to add me ;). Down 7lbs!
  • Add me I'm new and looking for a lot of motivation
  • sculptcha
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    i would love to have friends who actually log in again after their first post. i'm not a virtual friend collector, so i expect (hope) to interact, motivate, be motivated, etc. twisted senses of humor welcome.

    NO FAT CHICKS (jkjk)
  • brendo204
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    feel free to add me guys and girls
  • maizerage66
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    Anyone can add me. I love new friends :D
  • jmulroney93
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    Need some motivation! Feel free to add and I'll do the same :)
  • Just started using the app again! More friends will help keep me accountable. :)
  • leilahdow
    leilahdow Posts: 2 Member
    My name is Leilah, I'm 29 and I really could use some motivation. Its been a while since I've used this app. It helped me greatly when I used it last year and I was a few pounds off of my goal weight. Since then been having health issues on and off so exercising was the last thing on my mind. I really would like to get back on track and reach my goal weight, and tone up. Feel free to add me so we can help motivate one another. Thanks.
  • ldhudsonjr
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    Hey guys. Have almost 100 pounds to lose so I'll be here a while. Looking for people to help keep me motivated, also interested in helping others do the same. Hit me up
  • add away folks! :)
  • antkhamp
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    Anyone in the UK that does or has done he Ketogenic diet or the Newcastle plan? Please add me if you have xx
  • markjbruns
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    In like Flynn
  • pipsqueak1990
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    Feel free to add me... No creeps..

    Always looking for advice and support :)

    I tend to log most days although I do sometimes lag at the weekends ......
  • robjenga
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    Add me! No creeps as stated in the post above. Well...a lil creepy is ok...who am I kiddin'...creeps are welcome. I am an equal-opportunity motivator.