Off the Meds! (inc lots of pics)



  • amos481
    amos481 Posts: 92 Member
    Congrats on taking charge of your health!!!!! Hugs.
  • beertrollruss
    beertrollruss Posts: 276 Member
    Amazing! Quite an inspiration.
  • efrensgirl2015
    efrensgirl2015 Posts: 480 Member
    This is one of the best experiences i have read on these forums and not because of how much weight you lost (although that's a fabulous accomplishment in and of itself) but the reason you decided to make the change and rhe the powerful outcome you have had. Congratulations and i wish you the best.
  • vegman832
    vegman832 Posts: 1 Member
    Wow! Great inspiration!
  • bigldesigns
    bigldesigns Posts: 102 Member
    To be honest with you all... The reason I've done so well is a mix of fear and pride.

    Being diagnosed with a debilitating illness that the doctors and the science was telling me. Can only get worse.. Scared the crap outta me.. I was at a critical point.. I give up, and start planning for motorised wheel chairs and home nurses.. Or I try some of the alternative medicine options of vitamins and diet

    And my brain said.. "No one is going to wipe this fat *kitten* but me" so I'll try anything to keep doing it myself as long as I can!!

    So a decision was made.. I'll see a naturapath and give it a try..

    Her diet was designed to slow the progression of the MS.. Loosing weight was a side effect.

    I was also sick of being fat.. It was embarrassing, shopping in the larger sections, asking people to move cause you couldn't squeeze past, not getting on a plane cause you were too big for the seats,
    Not being able to use a treadmill cause you are over the weight limit, being forced to sleep on a mattress on the floor cause you are too heavy (and unable to climb up to) the bunk beds on a cruise ship.. I didn't feel that fat.. But there started to become more I couldn't do than I could..

    So as the scales began to drop from the MS diet, I was so proud of myself for finally being able to one by one get rid of my fat person problems and start having skinny person problems :)

    This is what encourages me in my decisions each day.. Fear of getting fatter and sicker and pride in getting skinnier and healthier

    As for the weak days.. I had them.. But I just made sure I bindged on healthier alternatives.. Tried to keep the bad stuff out of the house..

    Once I got on MFP and gave myself an allowance of 1200cal
    I stuck to it as best I could..
    I logged my snacks and binges and if that meant no meat for dinner cause there was not enough cal, that's what I did..

    So then I got to a stage where I would want a snack and I would look In the cupboard and say
    "Cake :200cal, can of tuna: 90cal, carrot: 25cal"
    And the carrot would win.. Or the fear and pride would kick in and I'd skip the snack all together!

  • LittleNell107
    LittleNell107 Posts: 71 Member
    This is the most amazing transformation - congratulations!!!

    That picture of you in the black dress is great - and thanks for the regular updates as well. All the very best for your continued good health and remission.
  • otheliemoor
    otheliemoor Posts: 50 Member
    I'm not going to lie, there is no dust in my eyes. I'm crying a little because you are awesome and have worked so hard.
  • speedtriple955i
    speedtriple955i Posts: 3 Member
    Truly inspiring. Hope you remain symptom free for decades x
  • bigldesigns
    bigldesigns Posts: 102 Member
    6 weeks in.. feeling great.. and my social life has improved no end...
    So much easier when you don't have to plan around giving yourself a needle at 6:30pm (an being close to a hospital incase you have a reaction to the needle)
  • kerriann4
    kerriann4 Posts: 36 Member
    You are a true inspiration!! Yours is my favorite success story!! Thank you for sharing :)
  • maryjboom
    maryjboom Posts: 137 Member
    WOW!!! That is awesome!
  • sunbunny66
    sunbunny66 Posts: 11 Member
  • scrappermom96
    scrappermom96 Posts: 83 Member
    Amazing job...Thank you for sharing!!
  • ChubbyBunny5678
    ChubbyBunny5678 Posts: 7 Member
    Amazing, you are inspirational! I would love to be your MFP friend!
  • Erinleigh13
    Erinleigh13 Posts: 56 Member
    this is an absolutely amazing story!! good for you for not just accepting the meds and that's how it will be for the rest of your life. I applaud you!!
  • chadisallin70
    chadisallin70 Posts: 18 Member
    Simply amazing!!! I'm just getting started and this is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey!
  • tretoptreece
    tretoptreece Posts: 425 Member
    Loved reading this and seeing your transformation!!! Especially loved the MRI results!!
  • bigldesigns
    bigldesigns Posts: 102 Member
    Nearly 8 weeks in .. It's time to decide if I continue med free

    I'm feeling great.. Other than the winter sniffles.. Been seeing an amazing guy and been out and about every night..

    I'm confident that the diet and lifestyle is holding strong and I'm going to extend the trail to 16 weeks to review again.

    I've not been logging my food the last few days.. I'm trying to see if I can maintain my weight loss without tracking.
    And I've been out and about so much I've not have time..

    Thanx everyone for your support so far. And I'll keep you all updated as time goes on.

  • Ribena145
    Ribena145 Posts: 201 Member
    I love your story! I love the MRI pictures....they really hit home with me.....thank you so much for sharing.....and I agree, probably one of the most inspirational stories yet! look wonderful!
  • leximarie3
    leximarie3 Posts: 34 Member
    Beautiful story. Truly amazing what you have accomplished. Wishing you prolonged wellness and much happiness :)
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