Post here if you want more friends!



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  • Staysassy
    Staysassy Posts: 129 Member
    New motivating & positive friends are always welcome :)
  • feel free to add me ... i have an open food diary ~ don't judge me on it though, I'm on a tight budget :(
  • holliebaker90
    holliebaker90 Posts: 36 Member
    Add me if you would like, I am halfway to my goal and track everyday. My diary is also open for view!
  • celadontea
    celadontea Posts: 335 Member
    Please add me :blush: I'm starting a new exercise plan today and would love the motivation and to cheer you on, too.
  • mommy91az541
    mommy91az541 Posts: 14 Member
    Mommy who just had c section
  • kaaybee271
    kaaybee271 Posts: 2 Member
    hey! feel free to add me. Looking for motivation!
  • CoachBo89
    CoachBo89 Posts: 2 Member
    Back on MFP, looking for some new friends with the same lifestyle/goals!
  • thecat
    thecat Posts: 25 Member
    <3 Yep you can add me..
  • baby_girl_ellie
    baby_girl_ellie Posts: 20 Member
    add me! I want more friends :D x
  • Lissieyo
    Lissieyo Posts: 29 Member
    :) Hey! Add me! London based :)
  • dillon_88
    dillon_88 Posts: 343 Member
    Uhhh... Hey! You all should add me.
  • Anyone can add me too.
  • alicrock29
    alicrock29 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, I'm almost half way to my goal. I have lost 20 and need to lose 30 more. I need motivation to continue with eating healthy and exercise. I want to get back in shape and stay there for my 25th anniversary trip in September.
  • Hi! I have a beautiful 6 month old daughter & would like to lose the extra 15 pounds that came with her! Looking for positive people to add for motivation
  • BehindtheMic
    BehindtheMic Posts: 1,736 Member
    Back after a LONG break (got lazy). Trying to get back on track with my eating and just trying to improve my lifestyle.
  • etkxgh11
    etkxgh11 Posts: 25
    Let's be friends :smile:
  • lexielainex
    lexielainex Posts: 98 Member
    Always up for more motivational friends! Feel free to add me!
  • vs161l5
    vs161l5 Posts: 27 Member
    Need more friends
  • siminske
    siminske Posts: 35 Member
    I need more friends, please, I beg you, I need more friends. I am nice, I swear, I will only look at every picture you post, 15 times.