what size are you now?



  • peachyfuzzle
    peachyfuzzle Posts: 1,122 Member
    Started at size 44 pants, 3xl shirts. I've lost 45lbs, and I can fit into most 38 sized pants, and xl sized shirts.

    I'm in that weird stage where xl looks fine, but feels a little tight, so I'm still wearing my xxl clothing. My 3xl clothing is HUGE.
  • Mandea0321
    Mandea0321 Posts: 16 Member
    I've lost 53 lbs and I only went down 1 dress size. From a size 20 to an 18. It kind of discourages me when I see others who have lost a few dress sizes when they lose the same amount of weight. :/ but I'm still going to keep at it.
  • greenolivetree
    greenolivetree Posts: 1,282 Member
    XL 16/18 down to XS 0/2
    about 75 pounds lost
  • scaryg53
    scaryg53 Posts: 268 Member
    I was 13 to a 15, I am a 0 to a 1 now.
  • wolfsbayne
    wolfsbayne Posts: 3,116 Member
    I was an 18-20 and now am a 12, though I'm having to wear a belt.
  • malibu927
    malibu927 Posts: 17,567 Member
    Size 22 and 2X in January 2014. Now size 16 (with a few 14s in waiting) and XL. 58 pounds lost.
  • ASH2038602
    ASH2038602 Posts: 215 Member
    2x top and 18-20 pants. Now I am in a M top, and 10-12 pants.
  • jjdaesmith
    jjdaesmith Posts: 6 Member
    Tee shirt size reduced from XL to M. Jean size reduced from a snug 40" waist to a comfortable 32".
  • nerdgasmm
    nerdgasmm Posts: 16 Member
    THEN-- Pants: 7, Shirt: L, Dress: M, Bra: 34DDD
    NOW-- Pants: 3, Shirt: S, Dress: S, Bra: 32D

    5.6'', 140lbs. Small Framed, so I'm still carrying some fat around.
    I've lost 25 lbs, and I'll be damned if I stop trying to get rid of the last of this pudge.
  • smfrench1
    smfrench1 Posts: 6 Member
    Before: jeans 38" waist, 221 lbs, shirts XL
    After: jeans 34" waist, 196 lbs, shirts L

    Took 5 months and has been gradual, just 0over 1lb a week but worth it ...

    Most fun has been that I was not only able to give away a lot of clothes (now too big) clearing space in the closet, and finally last week able to comfortably fit in the last of the smaller sized clothes from years ago when I was thinner that I had stashed away
    i_SWEAT_n_SWEAR Posts: 2,324 Member
    Omg! This is awesome to read through. So many successes. Makes me feel like I can do it too.

    I was a 18....now a 16 pant. 2X top ...now an XL or 1X. Hoping to get down to a 12
  • Laughter_Girl
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    Fabulous job everyone!!!

    Then: Pants (18/20); Tops (1x or 2x); Dress (18)
    Now: Pants (6); Tops (Sm or Med); Dress (6 or Sm)

  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,575 Member
    Then: Shirt-M, Pants-32's (12), Dresses-6 to 10
    Now: Shirt-xs and small, Pants-27's and 28's (4/6), Dresses-4
  • maggierenee88
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  • kendalslimmer
    kendalslimmer Posts: 553 Member
    Before: UK size 22/20 (SW: 240lb)
    Now: UK size 16/14 (CW: 170lb)

    I'm around 5'5 and I'd like to lose another 45lbs I think. I just want to get down to a healthier size + body composition.
  • burnooger
    burnooger Posts: 23 Member
    Before: 240 lb 5'5" pants 18/20 top 1x
    Now: 158 lb pants 10 top medium.

    8 lb or so to go. Need do some lifting then maybe I'll get to those size 8s :)
    i_SWEAT_n_SWEAR Posts: 2,324 Member
    Awesome!!!!! Wow
  • lisabinco
    lisabinco Posts: 1,016 Member
    2012: Women's size 16 heading toward an 18
    Today: Women's size 6/8 (and 50 lbs lighter) :)
  • Dovekat
    Dovekat Posts: 263 Member
    UK sizes here :smile: Went from a 16-18 or L/XL -XL/XXL (198lbs) to a 10-12 or S/M - M/L (142lbs) as has been said woman's sizes are messed up shop by shop being a little different.
  • kmccann357
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    edited April 2015
    UK Size 8 or US 4, S or XS... never thought i'd ever be saying that. Weigh 150 lbs so don't get hooked on the weight!