Calorie-free food

Its true- foods is magically calorie-free under the following circumstances:

- No-one was looking
- You didn’t enjoy it
- It was a free sample at a country stall
- You ate it whilst were in transit (walking between kitchen and lounge counts)
- It was made by a child (my nephew is too nice to put calories in his cupcakes)
- It was made by a nice old lady (see above)
- It was your birthday/ holiday/ anniversary
- It was ‘cook-perks’ (only tasting to make sure it’s cooked right)
- It was (un-logged) left –overs
- It was off someone-else’s plate
- You forgot you ate it
- It was a gift
- It wasn’t an integral part of the meal (ketchup, bread roll, salad dressing)
- It was liquid
- Your skinny friend ate one too.

I’m sure you can think of more ‘calorie-free’ foods……..( yes, this is a joke- but it is something to think about)