Off the Meds! (inc lots of pics)



  • LexieL39
    LexieL39 Posts: 21 Member
  • nickibowen
    nickibowen Posts: 31 Member
    Wow! Wow ! Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing!! What an inspiration!
  • bigldesigns
    bigldesigns Posts: 102 Member
    For all those following my progress
    It's 8 weeks off the meds..

    I've decided to say off the meds till my next MRI in September..

    I feel good.. And if I do say so.. I'm looking good!

    Had a shopping expedition today..
    Aussie size 8 (US Size 4) all round!!

  • PaddyWhite
    PaddyWhite Posts: 78 Member
    That is a great story! Well done!
  • upsaluki
    upsaluki Posts: 553 Member
    Inspiring. Thanks!
  • bluworld
    bluworld Posts: 135 Member
  • opalsqueak007
    opalsqueak007 Posts: 433 Member
    This was just brilliant to read! Well done :)
  • erojoy
    erojoy Posts: 554 Member
    Wow you are so inspiring! I love how you just made the decision and follow through. Sometimes it makes you wonder, what took me so long? I really feel lucky to have gotten to read your story. Congratulations. I hope your life is happy, healthy and pain free.
  • Sam_Tastic_1
    Sam_Tastic_1 Posts: 18 Member
    You look fantastic! What an inspiring journey!
  • KarenGa4
    KarenGa4 Posts: 148 Member
    Absolutely wonderful, praise God from whom all blessings flow. You look simply marvelous!!
  • girlwithcurls2
    girlwithcurls2 Posts: 2,257 Member
    UrnAsh_ wrote: »
    WOW, one of the BEST stories I have read on here. Congratulations!!! :D

    This. You took my breath away. That's just amazing. Congratulations on your new life!!! :heart:
  • ElPasoMark
    ElPasoMark Posts: 47 Member
    Congratulations! Most excellent :)
  • 17761776
    17761776 Posts: 1,104 Member
    Amazing!!!!! Be proud, you have done what most of us dream of!! Any words of wisdom on how to decrease hunger? Gayle Minneapolis
  • linzit101
    linzit101 Posts: 7 Member
    Amazing! Well done!
  • BigLifter10
    BigLifter10 Posts: 1,151 Member
    Loved this!! Great and awesome work by you! You took charge and look at you! Thanks so much for sharing this!! :-D
  • winn9524
    winn9524 Posts: 59 Member
    Wow! What a road back to health. Great accomplishment!
  • charmmeth
    charmmeth Posts: 936 Member
    You are truly an inspiration: keep it up and keep off the meds as long as you can!
  • fidangul
    fidangul Posts: 673 Member
    Absolutely amazing!!! You should be so proud of yourself. Thankyou so much for sharing. I love how you took control of the situation and your strength os admirable. I showed my mum your hard work for inspiration and to give her a little push to start thinking of her health. She's only 47.
  • triniamazon
    triniamazon Posts: 2 Member
    Amazing story. Thanks for sharing and helping inspire fellow MS warriors like myself. I've been looking for alternatives to Rx since my diagnosis last year and I can't wait to see what a difference diet makes.
  • mmnv79
    mmnv79 Posts: 538 Member
    You are such an inspiration! <3
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