Geek Girl on an Epic Quest to lose 80lbs, wanna join? More companions wanted!



  • FitGeekery
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    @nrosebr That's okay, non-geeks are more than welcome too ;) And I know exactly what you mean, 80lbs is a pretty intimidating number! Best advice I've gotten so far was to break it down into really small milestones, like every 5 or 10lbs. That way it seems a lot more manageable. Fully agree that the more support you can get the better, throwing you a request :)

    @belimawr I think I've heard of him before, but I would love to get into ancient fiction more. Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, China, Japan... anywhere in the world, doesn't matter XD
  • sparklecomet
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    I had never heard of The Walk before. Sounds like an interesting app!

    We should do a quest where we get xp and stuff! Do a real gamification of fitness! =) I know fitocracy kind of does that and nerd fitness a bit as well? I dunno it could make it a bit of fun!

  • kandell
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    Made the decision that I will not be allowed to make any more cosplays for myself until I hit 150. That basically gives me all summer of working on commissions instead of my own stuff. On the plus side, I'll hopefully be making money rather than spending tons on materials XP
  • FitGeekery
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    @sparklecomet There's also an app that I've been considering using which could possibly work. It's called Habit RPG. Basically it's a to-do list kind of app; you set whatever habits you want to form/break, a daily to do list and/or one-time things to do. You have a character that you can then level up, and you receive XP and 'gold' based on completing those dailies/tasks that you can then use for gear for your character or to reward yourself with custom rewards. I think we can also form parties for it, and it can easily be used to track healthy habits/things regarding weight loss. You should check it out!

    @kandell That sounds like a good idea! Setting a challenge for yourself and making some money while you do it, can't see how you'd go wrong there :smiley:
  • Magseye
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    @ FitGeekery - Hmmmm...I'm intrigued by the possibility of an RPG-style fitness game. I'd love to have an avatar that reflected changes in appearance and strength. As a member of the "one more level" at 4 AM crowd, that could be intoxicating! :D
  • FitGeekery
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    @Magseye Yeah unfortunately it's just a 16-bit representation, like an old school RPG style so your little avi won't reflect your weight loss. But you can get them weapons and gear. Also forgot to mention that if you fail to do dailies or tasks you've set for yourself, your character loses HP and can die. It's just a fun way to get into good habits or track things to do/achieve hehe
  • ninthnarnian
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    @FitGeekery Downloaded that app- sounds like fun- thanks!
  • FitGeekery
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    @ninthnarnian No problem at all! Stumbled on it when I was looking for fun ways to keep track of different things. Still tweaking it to make it work better for me but I really like the general idea of it :smiley:
  • treyswain3
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    Im also on the epic quest to get fit but I'm trying to go for the bodybuilding side of things not just lose weight. To keep myself motivated I always listen to video game or anime soundtracks while working out. Mainly Final Fantasy and especially Dragon Ball Z as I want a bod like Goku! Anyway I love fellow nerds so anyone is welcome to add me! :)
  • FitGeekery
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    @treyswain3 Oooh that's a really good idea! I really like the idea of having some of those epic soundtracks fueling my workouts, glad you shared that! And added you :smiley:
  • Ellarai
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    Hello, it's nice to see so many geeky nerdy people all on the same quest in their life. I am a gamer (when life lets me be) and a fan of all things in a fantasy range. From movies, to mmo's to my unhealthy addiction to certain streamers on twitch I enjoy it all. Unfortunately my life of watching and participating in virtual quests has left me needing to embark on a real one (gotta stop sitting so much). They should create a mmo that forces real body movement to control your character, that would be amazing! Please (anyone) feel free to add me. I definitely need friends on this quest through middle earth!
  • starbucktigh
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    Geek Girl here! In addition to working in the web profession, here are some of my passions:
    • Comics (I'm partial to DC)
    • Graphic Novels
    • Star Trek (DS9 is my favorite)
    • Star Wars
    • Stargate
    • BSG
    • Harry Potter
    • Doctor Who, Torchwood
    • Soundtracks
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy lit
    • Sci-fi movies & Fantasy movies
    • Video Games
    • Zombies
    • Cosplay - oh the outfits I have planned for when I've reached my goal!
  • nephilim_dreams
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    I'm a geek! Me me me! I'm a massive fan of comics/superheroes (Marvel AND DC :wink:), Doctor Who, Harry Potter, mythology, Vikings and Anglo Saxons, Tolkien (my dream PhD proposal is Medievalism and Tolkienism and Heroic Literature <3), sci fi and fantasy, classic horror, classic literature, zombies, Steampunk, gaming (everything from Dragon Age [ALISTAIR THEIRIN FOREVERRRRRR) and Mass Effect (Garrus and Thane and Urdnot Wrex, oh my!) to Magic the Gathering and D&D)...

    I'm another one with a massive list of future cosplay outfits XD I'm currently around 217 lbs (down 14 woohoo!) and aiming to lose between 70-90lbs total.

    OH for all the people who are fans of medieval weaponry etc, my boyfriend is descended from the Seljuq dynasty- some of the best mounted archers EVER :smile:
  • addlam
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    I'm a Geek too! Love Star Wars. Have you seen the trailer for the new movie? Can't wait to see it.
    Add me too and we can help each other reach our goals.
  • unaffected
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    Chiming in to say hello! Just finally getting motivated again to come back to MFP.

    I'm currently at 183, and would love to lose 30 lbs, but I'd settle for 20! After having my son two years ago, taking care of myself hasn't been as big of a priority, and I need to change that!

    As far as geekery... I geek out about so much stuff! But I'm a huge ASOIAF/Game of Thrones fan. Harry Potter. The Walking Dead. Fantasy movies. Video games! Currently playing H1Z1 early access.

    I'm a graphic designer, so that coupled with my video game habits have kept me pretty sedentary.

    And, meme for good measure...

  • unaffected
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    @FitGeekery - so are you using HabitRPG to help with motivation? I just took a look at it, and it seems awesome... but not sure how useful it would be for weight loss/eating healthy?
  • gypsyish
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    Hey all, thought I'd jump in as well. My main geek interests are anime and video games, though I love fantasy books, game of thrones, Harry potter, etc.

    I'm trying to lose about 10 more lbs to what I think will be my goal weight, but we'll see. A big motivation for me is definitely so I can do some of those cosplays that I always look at and say, well, maybe in 15 pounds. I just started getting serious about a month ago and am down about 12 pounds. I aim to eat around 1200 calories a day (I'm only 5'2") and keep my diary open. Feel free to add me =]
  • Zelinna
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    In for more geeky companions! My MFP name is also my gamer tag and my roller derby name is "Nerdie Birdie."

    I have already finished my weight loss journey, going from 210 to 145 at 5'7. I am now focusing on body recomp, but I love supporting others on their journey.

    I love all things geek, but my main loves are Spider-man, Farscape, Dr Who, and League of Legends.

    I just spent the weekend at the Calgary Comic Expo where I rocked my awesome geeky leggings

    Also I am originally from Vancouver but moved to Calgary a few years ago and damn I miss that west coast air some days. And go Vanagary Flamucks ;)
  • abetterluke
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    Nerd Fitness is amazing and you should definitely check it out.
  • runningagainstmyself
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    Feel free to add me! I'm a geek too! Lots of geekdom here! Looking at an 85-90lb. total loss - been at 85lb. before (i.e., in the last 3 years), so I know it's a realistic goal to get back there. Happy to have new friends who are just as motivated!