Anyone got any tips for constipation, natural remedies??



  • AlciaMode
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    An apple works wonders for me.
  • ljk0615
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    I take 800 mg of magnesium each night before bed. Works great. Be careful not to take too much though, you will get the runs.
  • aComputerHero
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    Just get stuck in traffic or go somewhere that doesn't have a bathroom.
  • jema99
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    Walking. Walk, walk and walk. My grandmother used to tell me that walking was the best thing for your bowels, and that is still my favorite exercise, whether on a treadmill or outside with my dog. I was sick for two weeks and didn't walk and kaboom! Here it came, so to speak.

    Thats what I was always told too and sometimes it works and other times no relief. But I love walking.

    Too much fibre can actually make you constipated, especially in people with bowel issues. You need to slowly increase fibre into the diet and drink lots of water. Also get probiotics into your system it helps make everything a bit more neutral.
  • FoxyLifter
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    Coffee and jumping jacks.... Though not at the same time. :smile:
  • Lounmoun
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    Increase water/fluids, more fiber, and fats.
  • Miss2Honest
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    8 oz Lemon water on an empty stomach... walk for at least 30 minutes after drinking. ..recommended 25 grams fiber for women 35 grams fiber for men per day ...and apple juice throughout the day: 1st day..following days just drink 8 oz lemon whatever on empty stomach in the morning, I recommend walking between 15-30 minutes afterwards at choice of pace, recommended daily fiber intake, plenty of fluids (especially water)
  • tomatoey
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    pears, watermelons, peaches, apples
  • Legshurtallthetime
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    Chia seeds sprinkled on a salad
  • SearsBD62052
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    More water, Magnesium tablets..... water, water, water.
  • SearsBD62052
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    coffee in the morning works for me too
  • dananeiding
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    Take magnesium supplement before bed. Start with 500mg and should have relief in the morning :wink:
  • Orphia
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    Nearly all laxative products are made from the plant senna. So, yes, they're natural.

    No need to avoid them. Just use in moderation, like absolutely anything.
  • kickassbarbie
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    Onions fried in butter. Alot of it.
    Don't ask me why this works, I have no idea.
  • Mistraal1981
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    10g of chia seeds in my smoothie every day worked for me
  • MonsoonStorm
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  • Wiseandcurious
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    A pear followed by coffee, before breakfast, for me. Certain yoga/stretch poses seem to help - anything lying down where you twist the torso and legs sideways, for a start.

    In general, after you ensure that you are getting enough of:
    - water
    - Fat
    - Movement
    - Fiber,

    The next step before looking for medical solutions seems to be individual, everyone has a different natural "remedy" that works best on their system, they just need to find it.
  • biggsterjackster
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    I drink a cup of tea called Smooth Move every night before bed. Ingredients: Organic senna, chamomile, bitter fennel and peppermint. Works wonders. You can eat lots of fiber like Fiber One Cereal, etc. but don't forget to drink plenty of water.
  • kallston89
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    Water as hot as you can tolerate with lemon in it works great. Green tea always seems to help me go as well.