In 19 months, I've lost 262 pounds. New Me, New Life.



  • kellysuemcclurg
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    Congratulations. I lost 150 pounds through weight loss surgery and have kept it off for 12 years. So I know a little about what you went through. It is a totally different life now. Your commitment and courage is amazing!
  • lucybeeeeee
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    Best story I've ever read on here!
  • jodazary
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    congrats an amazing story and the pictures esp the after ones are just wow very nice
  • LoreA1960
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    Not to be indelicate or take away from ANY of your success (which is phenomenal) but did you have to deal with any hanging skin after your weight loss?
  • Alem127
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    Wow! Congratulations!
  • ChloeMaay96
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    I litterally gasped at your before and after shots! You've accomplished something incredible and you look amazing! I hope you're enjoying your new life and all the perks that come with it! :-)
  • john60644
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    Impressive Sir!! (in my cheetos cheetah voice)
  • john60644
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    I really do applaud everything you have done, You have done amazing. Keep up the good work
  • time4change52915
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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing!!!!!!!! SO inspiring!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on an amazing loss and what a journey! I have tears in my eyes - absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  • nerdgirlinlv
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    Simply inspiring
  • kraymike
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    The fact you've made such a change in only 19 months is truly amazing.
  • darrylhowe
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    What an inspirational guy! Amazing story!
  • dianaramirez1220
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    Wow you are amazing.
  • soonersgirl
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    AMAZING story!!
  • jbgibso3
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    You are incredible, and so is your writing. Your story is truly captivating and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with the MFP universe.
  • mistikal13
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    Wow, you're a completely different person!
  • jillianmarie20
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    Holy cow, you look AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your story! We are all so very proud of you :smile: enjoy the freedom of your new lifestyle!
  • suzi153
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    Wow. Fantastic job there well done
  • Jilliankosto
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    WOW like a totally new person! Congrats
  • DrivenPrincess
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    Whoah!! Hell! What an amazing transformation! Great writing also. I felt your pain and liberation. You are HOT! Enjoy new body!