• LarsEnnerberg
    LarsEnnerberg Posts: 14 Member
    I like that because I love drinking games and since I have decided to never grow up I will now have a water drinking game! You are awesome thank you!
  • 32sami
    32sami Posts: 381 Member
    When I get sick of water I just add mio, or up my herbal tea intake
  • SherryTeach
    SherryTeach Posts: 2,836 Member
    I drink practically no water. I do drink coffee, tea, lemonade, diet root beer, Coke Zero, and occasionally water with some drops of flavor enhancer. I also eat a lot of fruit and veg is is mostly water.
  • earlnabby
    earlnabby Posts: 8,177 Member
    I am horrible at drinking water. Prefer diet coke. What's the secret? Do you just guzzle and move on with your life? Let me know.

    Whatever your beverage of choice is (except alcohol) can be guzzled or sipped, it is up to you. I do both depending on my thirst and how tasty (or these days, how cold) it is. I keep a glass near me most of the time (by my desk, by my bed at night, in the car, while watching TV) and reach for it at the times I would otherwise be reaching for some kind of snack. Those mindless sips probably count for half of my water intake.