We're Doing This! - new 12 week weight loss challenge



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    Count me in! Need this to get back on track!
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    kcthatsme wrote: »
    Hi! My name is Kristen and I have been the host of 14 long term challenges, here on MFP, and now it's time to get ready for the next one! This new challenge is "We're Doing This!" and goes for 12 weeks. It is from July 13 to October 5. Just in time for Halloween! Our weigh ins will be on Mondays. You can weigh in early (Thursday – Sunday) so our first weigh in starts on 7/9!
    I'm a really informal host. The group will be pretty easy going, with a great mix of people posting and supporting each other along our weight loss journey. We won't have pressure either! Just accountability.

    Some of the topics we have are:

    Motivational Quotes!
    Mini Goal Measurements
    What You Do That Can Help Others...
    Articles and Videos
    This and That
    Before and During!

    You don't have to participate in anything but the weigh ins, if you don't want to.

    If you'd like to join, please let me know here and I'll send you an invite to our group.



    P.S. Please don't go to the group, to get an invite there. I get so many that do that, and then don't actually accept, that your name might end up down the list where I don't see it until after the challenge has started.

    I just started trying to lose weight. I would like to sign up
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    I would like to join please!
  • janicemc968
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    Hello Kristen,
    I just started on my most resent weight lose journey. I would like to join your group
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    Hi Kristen,
    I'd love to join! Need the motivation !
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    I'd like to join.
  • kcthatsme
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    Everyone, up to this post, has been sent an invite. :-) To find it, click on the "Community" tab and then look down and to the right. You will see a bell. Click on that and it will be there. If you want to be part of our challenge, please accept your invite soon so that I will have an accurate count of how many spots I have left to fill. Thanks. :-)
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    Hi, I'd also like to join! I've been pretty stagnant for lack of effort over the past few months and have just basically been maintaining, though I have about 35 more lbs to lose. I need some accountability and motivation!
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    Hi, I'd like to join. It's my 1st day on MFP so I'm not sure how everything works but I'd like to jump on in. I have a lot to lose so I'm hoping that by just focusing on the next 12 weeks, I won't get overwhelmed by the total amount and time it will take.
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    I would love to join, I'm new to this so any encouragement would be awesome!!
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    Hi Kristen, count me in too....
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    Please add me, sounds like a great way to start
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    I'm in!
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    I'd like to join please. Quit smoking just over a month ago and been putting weight back on! Need extra motivation to stay on track :)
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    Am I too late ?
    i have just bought my Surge Fitbit and I am still finding my way around......
    I would like to join please...
    thanks ..xx
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    Please add me to the list! I could use the extra motivation over these next couple months. :)
  • Carol_
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    I would love an invitation to join. Thanks! :)
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    Sounds like fun! I'd love I join! :)
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    Now seems like the perfect time to do something like this. Please add me! Thanks--
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    Can I join please!