That "holy" moment from people who see me after my weight loss transformation...

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Having lost over 200 pounds in less than a year gets some funny reactions from people. The majority of people who knew me, some even for years prior, literally do not recognize me. I work for a very large corporation and I often run into people with whom I had worked prior to my weight loss. I get a kick out of seeing if they can recognize who I am. Almost every single person does not at first, but upon realizing or revealing who I am I get some priceless reactions...

"Holy ----!" is by far the most common. And take into consideration that this is often exclaimed out loud in the hallways of where I work.

"Did you get the surgery?" - People cannot conceive that I did this without surgery in the amount of time I did.

This one is kind of funny and I have heard it in varying fashion- "Are you okay?" or "Were you sick?"... often followed by "You don't look sick. You look fantastic!"

The best of all is merely the stunned look on people's faces. I have literally had some people get speachless.

When I started this whole plan, I didn't even consider how this was going to affect others. It is amazing to me sometimes how far I have come and how much I am inspiring others to take care of their own health.

Let's hear your stories!


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    haha I love it! I know for sure that I have said the same first couple words when seeing people who look drastically different (fit!). I hope to be there one day.

    Do you have before/after pics to share? Thanks for sharing -gave me a smile today!
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    Congratulations on your new lifestyle transformation.
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    Over 200, hot damn. I get those same remarks after losing 120ish in a year :) Good for you, I hope you are as healthy and as happy as you wanted to be ! I am :)
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    Pictures or it didn't happen.
    Kidding. Really though I would love to see before and afters :) I love to see peoples' amazing transformations.
    Congrats on your success!
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    Good Lord!
    I've just gone and snuck a look at your profile photos - what a fantastic transformation! Congratulations!
    I bet your kids are loving having such an active dad :)
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    I"m on a journey towards losing 50 pounds. I've just lost 13. I'm a little concerned about saggy skin. Any tips or feedback?
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    Amazing and inspirational. I got get those compliments and it nice but at times uncomfortable so i keep my responses short but pleasant.
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    What a mighty feat!!! I am so happy for you!
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    Good Lord!
    I've just gone and snuck a look at your profile photos - what a fantastic transformation! Congratulations!
    I bet your kids are loving having such an active dad :)

    Good work!

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    Congrats! What a feeling that must be!

    I've "only" lost 35 since January, but with exercise I've trimmed up a bit more than I was expecting at this point. I had my first "head-turn" on Monday night. A theatre friend who hadn't seen me since January or February stopped talking and literally turned his head to follow me as I walked into the theater. He said "you look fantastic!" When he called me Wednesday evening to tell me the results of my audition he asked "what have you been doing to lose so much weight?" Of course I said the usual "literally working my butt off... diet and exercise." He said "oh yeah, my doctor and wife tell me the same thing." ;)
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    I need to lose 100 pounds, and I would be incredibly happy to be able to lose it in 6 months. Can you tell me what you did specifically? Did you follow MFP's auto-populated calorie count? What kind of exercise did you do, if any? I want to get that reaction too.
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    What else can they say?? It is an impressive transformation!
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    You can see some pictures on my personal site: or my interview on I promise I will try to get some more out there...
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    Damn you look AMAZING!
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    That is so awesome! I lost 90 lbs my first year, then maintained. Everyone got used to me at 208, so this year so far I have dropped almost 50 lbs, and I have gotten reactions from "Dang girl! When are you gonna stop losing weight?" to "Wow you look fantastic - What's your secret?", all the way to someone yesterday "Did you lose a lot of weight?", I shake my head yes, and she continues "On purpose?" LOL It is nice that others can see the outward results of all of my hard work, but also very embarrassing for others to be so open with discussing my body. At least I can give some sound advice. My secret? Eating better and moving more. The End :smile:
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    AMAZING!! Congratulations on your weight loss and body transformation. Thanks for posting, this is very encouraging.
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    Thanks, everyone. I FEEL amazing. :smile:

    Inside each of us is the potential to do GREAT THINGS.
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    Amazing, just amazing! Congrats :)