Post here if you want more friends!



  • meganelizam
    meganelizam Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add me guys! I do a lot of cardio and toning strengthening. Also low cal diet and recipes
  • sirna731
    sirna731 Posts: 25 Member
    Feel free to add me, Love to talk to people with the same determination-to be healthy.
  • Aola23
    Aola23 Posts: 17 Member
    Hi, I'm new here and would love some supportive/motivating friends! Also, I can't figure how to add people other than Facebook and email contacts, can anybody help me? It's probably really easy to do, sorry!!!
  • peteharris85
    peteharris85 Posts: 5 Member
    friend me << !
  • kassandraanniexoxo
    kassandraanniexoxo Posts: 8 Member
    Looking for active and motivational friends! Add me(:
  • cwnordberg1
    cwnordberg1 Posts: 2 Member
    Add me! I need some friends on here
  • TuffGong21
    TuffGong21 Posts: 251 Member
    * bumping one last time *
  • kaileyfry
    kaileyfry Posts: 56 Member
    Add me!! I am on 24/7 so you can Hit me up anytime for exchange of tips and idea's.
  • hyIianprincess
    hyIianprincess Posts: 302 Member
    I'm on everyday! Looking for interactive, motivational friends. Feel free to add me.
  • DClem627
    DClem627 Posts: 3 Member
    I just started back and I'm looking for friends. Feel free to add me.
  • jiron49
    jiron49 Posts: 9 Member
    new to group, please add me i am a nice lady and i enjoy exercise and recently started weight lifting and still can't lose weight - and support is appreciated
  • tithed
    tithed Posts: 11 Member
    Hey guys, my name is Sandra, feel free to add me, I'll always support you guys! Sending my love and encouragement!
  • huzan21
    huzan21 Posts: 13 Member
    Hello Everyone!

    Looking for some more friends :). I'm wanted to lose around 30-40 pounds and I have recently started hitting the gym again! I try to log all my calories, and I share my diary
  • Lifeonmars2015
    Lifeonmars2015 Posts: 667 Member
    Been here 900 days, loving every second, reborn gym bunny. Are you brave enough to add me :D
  • AiryElla
    AiryElla Posts: 5 Member
    Anyone can add me :smiley:
  • coleredger
    coleredger Posts: 13 Member
    Add me!!! Add me!!! Add me!!!! Add me!!! Add meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I'm 16....things I like to do: hang with friends, ride my atvs, fix my atvs, play with my puppy, most of all I like to make every second of the day AWSOME!!! (U only get to live once)
  • abir888
    abir888 Posts: 76 Member
    looking for ppl who are just tired from trying and need huge motivation
  • 0JavaK0
    0JavaK0 Posts: 30 Member
    Add me!!! Going on 115 days and still going!!
  • iwant2seemytoes
    iwant2seemytoes Posts: 27 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • tinaolsson
    tinaolsson Posts: 109 Member
    I would love having some people to motivate me! :) Been a member here for a long time but only realised yesterday how nice it would be to connect with people who are also trying to get healthier :)