What did you say "NO!" to today?



  • WeddedBliss1992
    WeddedBliss1992 Posts: 414 Member
    i have a new answer today! i said no to brownies today! super proud because normally i would have eaten the entire bowl that my mom sent over to my house. none for me today!
  • IronBatMaiden
    IronBatMaiden Posts: 378 Member
    I said no to eating a blueberry muffin with sugar on top.
  • lseed87
    lseed87 Posts: 1,110 Member
    Cookies and ice cream

    or atleast that is the plan. Had some yesterday and just want healthy foods today. Low sodium count etc
  • sirna731
    sirna731 Posts: 25 Member
    German chocolate cake
  • malibu927
    malibu927 Posts: 17,565 Member
    Pistachio gelato...I accidentally grabbed it, went back and switched it out for mint
  • chubalicious1
    chubalicious1 Posts: 99 Member
    Yesterday I said no to beer, trying to cut alcohol out as much as possible...
  • HermioneDanger118
    HermioneDanger118 Posts: 345 Member
    Said no TWICE (Saturday night and Sunday afternoon) to burger and fries. I know I don't feel well after I eat them, yet they're so good at the time!
  • suvmom03103
    suvmom03103 Posts: 18 Member
    Well I said no to a free lunch at the office today. A local staple restaurant who makes the best chicken tenders mashed potatoes and gravy salad. Instead here I am sitting in my car eating a salad and a cup of applesauce.. ( I work for a doctor office and the pharmaceutical reps bring in lunch a couple times a week).

    This is a TOUGH temptation I am resisting!!!!! Lord grant me strength!!
  • mewilliams11
    mewilliams11 Posts: 139 Member
    I said no to stopping in the middle of my workout. Summer's in Georgia are very humid & hot & I was not feeling it today. When I lapped my house I wanted to stop, but I finished & even shaved 2 minutes off my time!
  • MuZeta93
    MuZeta93 Posts: 14 Member
    I work in a patisserie. First I said no to my favourite blueberry cheesecake cupcake, then I said no to a hot waffle. Hopefully I can fit a waffle in tomorrow!
  • professionalHobbyist
    professionalHobbyist Posts: 1,316 Member

    Today is rest day
  • petitehealth
    petitehealth Posts: 148 Member
    Tinabob777 wrote: »
    Kale. I always say no to kale.

  • petitehealth
    petitehealth Posts: 148 Member
    Today was a lunch fiesta potluck at work. I made myself a salad with the shredded chicken and lettuce. I said NO to cookies, chocolate cakes, and churros...CHURROS I SAID! :(
  • Marilyn0924
    Marilyn0924 Posts: 797 Member
    I said no to the cookie-brownies my daughter made. They're heavenly, but not in my cards for today.
    I'm sad.
  • faduma123
    faduma123 Posts: 58 Member
    edited July 2015
    I saiD no to pasta :'( lol
  • SherryTeach
    SherryTeach Posts: 2,836 Member
    I said no to working past 5:30. And to joining a committee.
  • Mr_Knight
    Mr_Knight Posts: 9,532 Member
    I said "no" to stopping my run. Back up to 10k...yay, go me!
  • Kalikel
    Kalikel Posts: 9,626 Member
    I said no to being self-conscious and went swimming with my toddler in my MIL's pool with DH and SIL.
    This is my favorite one so far. Good for you!

  • SBHWeav
    SBHWeav Posts: 89 Member
    Soda! I have a horrible addiction to Coca Cola. But I said no :)