What did you have for Breakfast? Tues 7/28

I made an egg in a baked potato, topped with 1tsp of shredded cheese, half slice of bacon & a little scallion


What did you eat for breakfast today?


  • JeaninePaige
    JeaninePaige Posts: 464 Member
    That looks so delicious! I'll try that tomorrow. I had a scooped and toasted multigrain bagel with a little butter, a clementine and two pieces of peppered turkey bacon.
  • pensierobello
    pensierobello Posts: 285 Member
    A croissant, some cornflakes with coconut milk and a banana :)
  • jonnybhoy
    jonnybhoy Posts: 84 Member
    Porridge, skimmed milk, chia seeds
  • Kexessa
    Kexessa Posts: 346 Member
    spinach, chicken, tomato, cucumber, snap pea, cheddar cheese, Bolthouse Farms yogurt dressing salad. :)
  • usmcmp
    usmcmp Posts: 21,220 Member
  • DeguelloTex
    DeguelloTex Posts: 6,658 Member
    Four scrambled eggs with chipotle salt and 200 grams of strawberries.
  • jeichelb83
    jeichelb83 Posts: 172 Member
    I had scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and chives, mocha latte, cinnamon waffles, and a cup of banana cream Greek yogurt.
  • Hjones2889
    Hjones2889 Posts: 94 Member
    a mashed banana with 1egg 1 egg white.. made pancakes out of that mixture!
  • diannethegeek
    diannethegeek Posts: 14,776 Member
    Noosa peach yogurt and coffee with Dunkin Donuts creamer.
  • Kexessa
    Kexessa Posts: 346 Member
    jeichelb83 wrote: »
    I had scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and chives, mocha latte, cinnamon waffles, and a cup of banana cream Greek yogurt.

    Can I come eat at your house?

  • jeichelb83
    jeichelb83 Posts: 172 Member
    I'm trying to eat more in the morning and lunch. I've read it's supposed to help with stomach issues.
  • oddyogi
    oddyogi Posts: 1,816 Member
    Bacon and eggs with sharp cheddar cheese and coffee with heavy whipping cream.
  • michellemybelll
    michellemybelll Posts: 2,228 Member
    i haven't yet. I tend to practice a bit of IF and don't eat until anywhere from 9am - 12pm. But my breakie at that time is typically a toasted english muffin with PB2 and 2 scrambled eggs.
  • jroelofs777
    jroelofs777 Posts: 3 Member
    HEB Sugar Free Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Thomas Multigrain Light English Muffin, Smart Balance Spread, Organic All Natural Peanut Butter, and Coffee. Fiberlicious!
  • jharp71
    jharp71 Posts: 5 Member
    I had cottage cheese (1/2 cup) with radish, cucumber and tomato, and crackers
  • scooterjay_wwis
    scooterjay_wwis Posts: 120 Member
    honey Nut Cheerios cereal.
  • ddeleonm09
    ddeleonm09 Posts: 93 Member
    3 egg whites, 1 whole, 2 pieces of toast, and one apple.
  • rockmcman23
    rockmcman23 Posts: 14 Member
    Fiber 1 along with a v8!!
  • Bizurke51
    Bizurke51 Posts: 190 Member
    Kind of do a double breakfast nowadays

    PreWorkout Breakfast- Quaker Protein Bar w/ a TBSP of PB
    PostWorkout Breakfast - Coffee w/ HH, Greek Yogurt mixed w. PB, PB on wheat toast, and 4 Chicken Sausage Pattys
  • tyoung8
    tyoung8 Posts: 115 Member
    Bacon and Eggs!