Can't pass up a view to this transformation!!



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    OMG, Well done!
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    Good job!
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    Thanks for posting this I'm 5ft 2 and my current weight is 192. Your post lets me know that it is possible for me to drop this extra weight I've put on over the past 15 years.
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    Amazing!! You look gorgeous! I hope you're very proud of yourself!!!

    By small and simple things do great things come to pass!

    Gonna friend you!! We all need support!
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    I started a year ago at 197 pounds standing 5'2" !! I was pretty much a walking tombstone, two kids... And on a farm and owning my own business I needed a change!! It started with Mt.Dew and dropped 9 pounds with in two weeks! And went from there, I have lost 54 pounds to date, and over 34 inches through out my body!!!! I have 15 more pounds and have inspired many to start their life changing journey to weight loss!! Hoping for more motivators and spoke to be fitness pal friends with me :)

    I live in wisconsin mother of two 29 years old! Men or woman young or old please let's motivate !!! 6lor2lxg7uem.jpg

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    Thanks a ton!!

    Ps of anyone feels my way of weight loss is wrong them keep moving , I'm not here to hear someone tell me my way of dieting is wrong when it has obviously worked very well!!

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    What an accomplishment, you look fantastic! Your way has worked well!
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    Well done!
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    Good job!!
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    Great job!!! (From a fellow cheesehead!)
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    Way to go!! You look great :)
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    Wow you have done so well! Seeing this has given me so much motivation!
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    First of Beautiful smile.
    And thank you for sharing and helping to motivate.
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    Amazing you have done a great job and look fantastic
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    Great job! You look great!
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    Wow!!! You look gorgeous!!! Incredible transformation Hun. You must feel great!
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    Great job!
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    OMG you look amazing!!!!