Anyone in their late 20s/early 30s working on this weightloss journey?



  • zombiemusicgirl
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    Jersey represent!!!

    Currently 192 and working toward a beginning goal of 140. 5'2"
    Feel free to friend me!
  • Medeiros12
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    Does anyone know how many calories are burned doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred level 1?


  • twinjamom6
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    Medeiros12 wrote: »
    Does anyone know how many calories are burned doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred level 1?



    I log it under circuit training, general. The calories burned/minutes is accurate.
  • RoadtotheRAN
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    Hey Guys

    I'm Gill from Sydney Australia, feel free to add me! We can support each other
  • valdez0913
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    Hello everyone,

    I'm 26. Been using MFP for 141 days now; looking to make some new friends and give each other encouragement! Feel free to add me.

    SW: 173
    CW: 148.6
    GW: 115
  • icck
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    26 here, rapidly approaching 27 - people are welcome to add me, I love having active friends!

    I started at 202lb and am now 176lb, with an eye to lose another 20lb or so. I recalculate my goal every 10lb loss though to see how satisfied I am with the results, so that may well change.
  • melissawilson21
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    I will be 30 in 2016 and I want to be at my normal weight!!!
  • geenra
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    Hey guys, 27 and 5'5" here! I lost about 24 pounds on MFP a couple years ago, but gained it back and then some this past year when I started full-time at school again with a new part-time job on top of it (stress got the better of me, haha). I'm an art student, so my classes and my eventual career are gonna have me sitting down most of the day - I gotta get fit the rest of the time to stay healthy!

    SW: 240
    CW: 233
    GW: 155

    I'm hoping to get into the 190's by January, so I could use some encouragement too. Even just seeing other people active in my news feed might help. Feel free to friend me!
  • DaniWhis
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    Hello! 5'5" and 28 years old. I just recently began a medication for my thyroid due to some lower than normal levels. It's been frustrating, as I've gained about 20 lbs in the past year through a mixture of sickness, fatigue, and finally, a "screw it, nothing's working" attitude. Even though I exercise pretty much daily and eat relatively well consistently, I hadn't seen much of a change, hence the doctor trip and ultimately figuring out the thyroid issue. I'm feeling good now, and I'm hoping this corrective medicine helps. I could always use some more active and supportive friends, as well! I've got a ways to go.

    SW: 172
    CW: 170
    GW: 135
  • SafioraLinnea
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    I will be 30 in November. Feel free to add me!

    SW: 218
    CW: 202ish
    GW: 135-150 (will evaluate when it gets closer to a reality)

    I started in June and I am doing this fairly slowly and hoping to avoid some of my past pitfalls in weight loss. I eat real food and exercise for two hours 2-4 times a week, planning on doing weight lifting soon.
  • joshua_j_davidson
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    26 6'4 and 230 looking for get down to 200 even :) not gonna be easy but I'm determined this time.

  • parfia
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    edited August 2015
    26 and 5' 11 from England. Started at 283 and now down to 259 - hoping to eventually get to 185.

    I have lost around 5 stone before (70lbs) but put it all back on when pregnant and now looking to get back to my previous size and then some more :)

    I am working out 5-6 times per week and eating healthy to obtain my goals :)

    Feel free to add me
  • ikm19
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    feel free to add me. i am 34 and my goal is to loose at least 40 lbs by end of this December, right now i weight 225, Never in my life I have exercised and just tried only diets. I hope this time i can keep up with my exercise routine. Its really hard to even exercise for like 10 mins maybe bit motivation from friends would help me.
  • stephownsyou
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    Hi everyone!
    I'm Jess, and I recently started back at mfp after a long break. I'm looking to get back on track. I'm 28 (29 in October). I'm hoping to find some more friends to help keep me motivated and challenge me. I work full time and I'm a mom to a toddler.
    Height: 5'5"
    CW: 192 lbs
    GW: 150 lbs (subject to change)

    Correction to my OP: I'm newly in a relationship, so I'm not a single mom anymore.

    We have almost the same stats, and I'll also be 29 in October lol.. I'll add you :)
  • fidangul
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    Hello ladies, I'm Fidan, from London and I'm 28 (birthday is coming up nearly 29). It's been about 3.5months for me. I've lost 20.5 kilos and have about that much to go for goal. I'm 171cm in height which is about 5'7". I've 2 kids, my daughter is 2yrs and son is 10months. I know very close together but I love them. And of course the weight is unmissable.

    I just try to track my calories as best as possible (goal 1500) and workout whenever I get a chance to be honest. I completed the 30day shred workout and felt amazing and now I'm planning to start the ripped in 30 workout sometime in September.

    Feel free to add me.
  • jaclynxanne
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    Hey!! I'm 26 from New Jersey... Just joined this site 3 weeks ago, a suggestion from my dietitian at work, and I must say this is the only site I've been excited to log my food into!!

    Feel free to add me :)
  • disneyfan85
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    I turned 30 in June. I'm in Georgia. Trying to get in shape to feel better physically and emotionally

    SW: 256
    CW: 250
    GW1: 200
    GW2: 175
  • cnmarshall1987
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    Hi I'm 27 in FL want to lose about 10 lbs but have gotten lazy lol...definitely need some support and motivation feel free to add
  • DedicationPays
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    cjr312 wrote: »
    Hey everyone,

    My name is Camille. I'm 26 and live in New Jersey. I've used MFP two years ago but I'd like to start again, lose a few pounds these next couple of months, and get back to a healthier lifestyle. Most of my old friends on this site are now no longer active. I'm looking for people to exchange motivation, support, tips, and recipes with!

    Let's do this!

    Hey my name is Myya I'll be 26 next month,after losing 16lbs earlier this year I got lost in life events being a mommy grad school working full time and wedding this past July....but I'm ready to get back to it and stick to it.....I'm looking for more support as well a lot of my recent pals are as active although some are very much.....anyone can add me I could use the support!!!
  • SurelyShannon
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    Hey folks! I'm 27 and have just over 60lbs I want to lose. Please feel free to add me. I like to think I'm supportive and motivational as well as funny. In the past I have lost a little over 80lbs but recently gained back a little over 20, so back on the wagon I go!