"French women don't get fat" following the book.



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    Yes, it is eat less--move more, but eat quality. I live in Rome, and holidays are a chain of huge family meals of at least 7 courses. Being an American, I was always surprised that when the dishes were finally done (for at least 20 people), someone would stand up and say "who's up for a walk"? This is the famous "passegiata" or walk for digestion. This walk was at least an hour and often 2, with everyone animatedly dicussing. Small groups formed and then broke up to form others. Family gossip, politics, recipes, etc. were all game. The stores and shops were all closed for the holiday. So Italians just naturally move more after a big meal. The kids are brought along so they learn the habits. Eating and moving can be fun. I think that's the idea. B)
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    People with children might be interested in "French kids eat everything" by Karen Billon. Some of it is actually quite similar to "French women don't get fat", but obviously about feeding children rather than yourself! (But feeding yourself does come into it too). Good quality food, variety, no snacking, etc. I think the children had four meals - breakfast, lunch, a late afternoon snack and tea. The author did a lot of reading on children's eating and nutrition and includes a lot of her personal experience. I found it an interesting read, particularly the bits about the author adjusting to the local way of life.
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    Im mystified why people are suggesting the people who advocate eating less are excluding the fact they can eat better more nutritional food? I'd imagine most people on MFP modify their diet a lot to meet nutritional requirements and make what calories they have enjoyable.
    The Promise

    A diet that recommends wine, chocolate, and cheese – and no calorie counting? Oui, says Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure.

    Her recipe for weight loss success:

    Eat high-quality food in small portions.
    Prize quality over quantity in the foods you choose.
    Savor each bite you take.
    Walk for exercise and do weight training.
    Eat three meals a day at regular times.
    Breathe properly.
    Keep good posture.

    Imo that looks like common sense and entirely consistent with the approach of many on MFP.
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    I think having August off would definitely further my weight loss efforts.
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    Am I weird for enjoying chicken breasts? Lol. Then again, I do add a lot of seasoning and low calorie marinade. You just have to know how to cook it. :)
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    Alright guys, thanks for your great, motivational tips :\
    I was referring to eating more enjoyable foods rather than plain chicken and steamed vegetables and protein shakes. And getting my exercise done in more enjoyable, stimulating ways rather than pounding a treadmill for an hour.
    Besides, I wasn't asking for advice. I was asking for companions and experiences
    Eat less and move more. There is no magic involved.

    Dont let people like this discourage you. JERK! OP was simply asking if you had read a prticular book!

    hmmmm this is abuse????????????????????????????????????
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    Considering you called someone a jerk, I'd say sure, although I believe it would have been more appropriate for the person that flagged it to have reported it.