Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • MissSphinx
    MissSphinx Posts: 4 Member
    Give me more friends already! :D<3
  • DanaLovesFood
    DanaLovesFood Posts: 4 Member
    Hello! I just started my journey to a healthier lifestyle, and I'd like to stay motivated, and motivate others, in turn. Nice to meet, you all.
  • 10637291
    10637291 Posts: 6 Member
    Please add me, and I would like to ask this question. Are diet sodas ok to drink, I am embarrassed to say that I have a problem ( problem being the best word I can find to describe my dilemma) with fuzzy drink, and thought diet sodas would be a great substitute.
  • gquesnelle
    gquesnelle Posts: 206 Member
    Back again, for good this time. Feel free to add me! I'm a little geeky, kind of quiet, but I will help you achieve your goals!
  • parul_89
    parul_89 Posts: 4 Member
    Hey! Add me, I'm looking for people to motivate one another :)
  • chari182
    chari182 Posts: 24 Member
    Feel free to add me as a friend :) I'm a mom of two little ones and need to get back on track with losing weight!
  • jasonr1009
    jasonr1009 Posts: 342 Member
    I need more friends that are in it to win it......... not just hit it and quit it lol
  • velvetss24
    velvetss24 Posts: 7 Member
    Hello My name is velvet and I have been using My Fitness pal for several years and I love it. I am working on me. I started my most recent journey in August, I was getting married in October 2015, and I wanted to look smoking hot for my new husband. Well I did, but I now want to get a bikini body for this summer. I am always looking to meet new friends, to give encouragement and to be accountable too. Please friend request me.
  • danhym
    danhym Posts: 6 Member
    Bee using MFP for 35 days loving it could always use nor friends add away. Have a great day also :)
  • StacyJanJ
    StacyJanJ Posts: 44 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me! Always looking for more friends here and I love to try my best to inspire, comment and motivate. :)
  • emmistod
    emmistod Posts: 2 Member
    Me too would like friends too help x
  • nm2bsc
    nm2bsc Posts: 111 Member
    I'd like to add some people, thank you.
  • remilou19
    remilou19 Posts: 2 Member
    I could do with some friends for motivation , about to start getting back into it :)
  • Lucy_Elizabeth
    Lucy_Elizabeth Posts: 4 Member
    I'd very much like some friends and people to share tips with etc x
  • hawkdriver108
    hawkdriver108 Posts: 3 Member
    I have no friends! Lol
  • Dresky1820
    Dresky1820 Posts: 2 Member
    How do I add friends.. I'm new and don't have any yet. I've been eating 1200 calories a day for 5 days and I've lost 5 pounds. Could really use some encouraging friends. I just recently had a baby and I'm super motivated to get my body back.
  • PrincessMegan13
    PrincessMegan13 Posts: 43 Member
    I'm always down for new friends! It's a new year, and I really feel like this will be the year that changes it all! I'm happy to be a support to others, and I log in everyday! I'm getting back into the swing of things after the holidays--they kind of rocked me a bit. But, I'm in this for the long haul!
  • JJLynn_
    JJLynn_ Posts: 23 Member
    would like to have some friends so we can motivate each other!
  • Dibben9
    Dibben9 Posts: 35 Member
    More the merrier...
  • sjtooleow
    sjtooleow Posts: 18 Member
    I'm down for finding new friends/people to help push me on my fitness journey! Feel free to add me :) I can use all the motivation I can get.