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I'm a dancer recovering from an injury. I lift weights. But, yoga is really good for me as well for the calming and stress reduction through movement. I want to do some yoga at home. Any good video recommendations? I like flow yoga. The type that moves from one pose to the next, like dancing. I have a 20 minute power yoga video by Rodney Yee. It's sun salutation. I like that. Edited to add: Thanks in advance!


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    Following. I do Iyengar yoga but would love to find a short flow yoga workout for daily consumption.
    Sorry no video recommendations @BinaryPulsar, I am mid search as I type.
    Just in case I spot a couple, do you have any limitations in movement?

    Cheers, h.
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    I highly recommend Yoga With Adriene (a YouTube channel) -- she has a large library with a wide variety of practices, so you might give it a look. I know she has two short "foundations" videos that cover Sun Salutations A and B specifically, and she has a separate playlist of flow/vinyasa style practices of varying lengths. If you're recovering from injury, you might check out her "yoga for healing" playlist too; lots of little gems in there.
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    @HappyCampr1 -- I'll have to look into that app; that sounds awesome! Thanks for the info.
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    I do yoga a t home. I don't like flow type yoga so I can't give specific recommendations. But, I like The Element series of DVDs - Ashley Turner is good.

    Here's a website that gives reviews and video clips for DVDs

    Here's another site with reviews and video clips
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    i really like shiva rea for flow. her dvds have matrices so you decide what you want to do and for how long. she does a lot of vinyasna yoga
    otherwise, I'm a huge fan of Rodney Yee
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    I like this page... because it has a good variety, and I don't get distracted browsing youtube and end up watching people playing video games.
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    Thanks everyone! I don't have any movement limitations. The injury is to the nerves in my face. I just can't be too vigorous. But, yoga is usually gentle.