Post here if you want more friends!



  • laurenlol2468
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    Me <3
  • ChcltGrlWundr
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    therocpile wrote: »
    Post a reply below if you want people to add you, Let's keep each other motivated and on the right track!!

    Anyone is welcome to add me!!!

    Hello Everyone I'm New Here lookn 2 make some new friends to help keep each other motivated & go from there
  • JQuinnLife
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    I write motivational ideas everyday and post constantly, add me if you interested in keeping in touch!
  • LouisvilleRunner73
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    Please feel free to add me!
  • ShannonA0314
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    Feel add me. I am active on MFP. Love giving support and getting it. :)
  • NinstonBiller
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    Hi, I'm working towards my goal of losing 50LBS. I enjoy video games, comics, music and movies. If you're a fitness motivated nerd then come drop me an add i got your back.
  • Hey lovely peeps! My name's Jenny Rose and I'm a certified health coach who also needs accountability partners. I'm always looking to connect with motivated folks who are into growing and improving themselves.

    Feel free to add me as a friend! :smile:
  • Abrar500
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    I'm new add me :blush:
  • ImOver9000
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    I'm here because I love ice cream. Will need some friends to whip me up back to shape hahaha :#
  • amidoinitright
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    Sure!! Feel free to add me !
  • TabbyJustice
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    I would LOVE more friends. I'm 28 year old female currently at 253 lbs and looking to drop to 150. I'm currently at the highest weight I've ever been and it sucks! I'm active on here and will post the goods and bads, the victories and blahs! :blush:
  • alittlelife14
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    Hi add me friends :smile:
  • itzkatt
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    Hi everyone! Would love to have some friends on here for the motivation, add me :smiley:
  • allysgloup
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    Feel free to add me! Trying to maintain my weight for my first year of college next year!
  • Amay33
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    If u see this add me, I'm in dyer need of friends please.
  • nickylee76
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    I could use some new friends to keep things a little fresh. I have been here awhile and the past few months I have been dragging... need to step it back up.
  • montanamegs
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    Add me! :smile:
  • Add me please :)
  • AntoniaJ26
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    feel free to ad me... been on hear a lot but always up for meeting new people :)
  • amidoinitright
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    sure .. I could use a few more friends