Do you get hit on?



  • Justn7883
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    Nope. Never! If I do I don't know it.
  • heidio2
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    Justn7883 wrote: »
    Nope. Never! If I do I don't know it.

    I don't believe that
  • Peter_Brady
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    Only to try to meet Greg :/
  • Bill8855
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  • GoJohnGo71
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    I give off that shy vibe. So I likely ruin it for myself.
  • RJ0274
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    I wish........
  • _Sparky_
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    I never get hit on.. girls only want jocks, I am not one of those. I am witty and good natured but not really goodlooking, so a girl would need to talk to me before they liked me LOL That being the problem there :)
  • Sadlyinwar
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    Got hit by a tennis ball once.... Not as pleasant as I imagined it would be.
  • musichales
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    headofphat wrote: »
    You're from South Carolina and you don't dress like a country girl all the time? No wonder you don't get hit on. Country boys don't want no city girl. Pull yourself together.

    FALSE! I'm definitely from South Carolina and currently live in Alabama and I despise the 'country' style but get hit on quite regularly. (Personally I dress pretty laid back or 'hipster')It's all about personality and confidence. No one will talk to you if you keep your eyes on your drink or the floor. Eye contact will always be key. If you can catch someone's eyes 9/10 they are going to come talk to you. So get your head up and flash that smile! Show that you want to be approached or it'll never happen.
  • bdgfn
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    @musichales ^^Love your confidence and attitude, and you're right, exuding confidence is sexy as hell!^^

    Occassionally, but not as often as I'd like. :p
  • _HunterKiller_
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  • Kvm11628
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    More since I put in the blonde highlights. I guess blondes do have more fun.
  • tryasimighty
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    Yes but apparently not by the right ones Im a long time single.....
    Yes, in person. On MFP, no.

    Let me be the first.... :*
  • focusedfitness123
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    If I do I'm completely oblivious to it so I'll just go with no.
  • TheRoadDog
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    Nope. The closest thing in the last 20 years was, last week, while my wife and I were in line for the Oregon Seafood and Wine Festival, the lady in line in front of us told my wife I was handsome.
  • LindsayB072
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    Every once in a blue moon but, for the most part, no I don't get hit on.
  • debradugas9
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    I do, but I'm very flirty myself.
  • catwomansquats
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    I wouldn't even know Im oblivious
  • jbuzzed
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  • striderb
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    Nope - Oh surprise.