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  • Bmeisen80
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    Still a long way to go. vacrynq1sss4.jpg

    You have done an amazing job so far and look beautiful. Keep up the great work and you will reach your goal in no time. We are here for support when ever needed.
  • Mandamanda93
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    4aces61 wrote: »
    290 down to 200

    Holy moly! You look incredible.
  • Mandamanda93
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    Left: 179 lbs , right: 196 lbs, one years difference. Strict diet for the most part and working towards first competition. Best of luck to all

    Good luck at your competition when you get there! You'll be great =)
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    These are some spectacular photos!!!!! Congrats to you all.
  • kryssu
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    50lb loss for my wife 168lb loss for me. The pants we are holding are mine form last June when I weighed 388lbs.


    You lost 168lbs in just 8 months?

    Wow. Amazing