Post here if you want more friends!



  • atwaa958
    atwaa958 Posts: 53 Member
    Feel free to add me :)
  • AbdullahD500
    AbdullahD500 Posts: 4 Member
    You can add me if you want. I'm still fairly new to MFP (only two weeks in).
  • Bookwormdee
    Bookwormdee Posts: 30 Member
    I need more MFP friends! I'm a recent Respawn, 65 days and counting! I'm a Fitbit user as well, so if anyone wants to add me there too, that would be awesome.

    All my old friends are inactive (let's hope they will respawn too) so I'm looking to have some activity on my feed and some comrade-in-arms! Please add me. :smile:
  • mitchell197247
    mitchell197247 Posts: 31 Member
    Would love new friends
  • Chris_2013
    Chris_2013 Posts: 107 Member
    336 lb Canadian Dad down 10 lbs and a long journey ahead. Quit Facebook in December due to all the fakeness but would love some new friends here who log all food and are early into their journey.
  • Florida_gurl
    Florida_gurl Posts: 5 Member
  • silverwinged00
    silverwinged00 Posts: 1 Member
    could always use some friends for motivation! add me! :)
  • bamtater
    bamtater Posts: 6 Member
    Me, please.
  • EricLFC1892
    EricLFC1892 Posts: 85 Member
    could always use some motivational friends
  • ladycclear
    ladycclear Posts: 50 Member
    Request me (I already requested a bunch of you).
    I love seeing food diaries full of vegetables. Let's share quirky humor and healthy positive words while we lose weight and move our bodies. Cheers!
  • Selkie_Runner
    Selkie_Runner Posts: 41 Member
    A returning Member with new profile previously lost 130 pounds but come to the shocking realisation that running 70k a week doesn't mean I can eat without abandon I have 20 extra pounds to prove it. So would love some new peeps.
  • xavemomma
    xavemomma Posts: 1 Member
    Would love more friends. Pretty new here... The only friend I have right now is my nutritionist! :p
  • geordiegirl1892
    geordiegirl1892 Posts: 53 Member
    feel free to add me:)
  • JoshuaH902
    JoshuaH902 Posts: 1 Member
    Looking for some more friends for motivation! Please add me!
  • yamaha2183
    yamaha2183 Posts: 48 Member
    Feel free to add me up :smile:
  • Mecklar75
    Mecklar75 Posts: 183 Member
    Add Me
  • teacuptiger
    teacuptiger Posts: 2 Member
    Always looking for more friends to help keep each other motivated :) I'm very active on here and love looking at food diaries and sharing recipes.
  • goofyrick24
    goofyrick24 Posts: 125 Member
    I need friends and support for this journey!!
  • DejahVoodoo
    DejahVoodoo Posts: 25 Member
    Looking for active friends! I'm 28, and I've gone from 309 to 224. Trying to get down to 185 for now and then I'll re-evaluate. I've been using the site for just tracking food, but I'd like to get a little more social :) Add me!
  • Genrgenr
    Genrgenr Posts: 21 Member
    I'd love new friends. Different people at different stages make everything so much better.