I have a bad sweet tooth after dinner



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    Sweets are not never excluded from my diet!!! I found this amazing ice cream bar (from Enlightened) in my local grocery store and it boosts my protein % too. (I personally like the salt caramel flavor the most but chocolate fudge has the least calorie plus most amount of protein!)

    I'm not sure if anyone's like me whose appetite for sweets got decreased after eating something icy cold. At least I found this kind of things help to end my day nicely :)
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    I have the same problem, mainly at lunch. I eat my lunch and then eat the little tangerine thingy :) called "cuties." That helps a lot. It is so sweet and juicy....and small.
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    You could try flossing and brushing after dinner. Having a clean mouth for the night always discourages me from eating more before bed.
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    Halotop Ice Cream, 240-280 calories per pint and it tastes better than a lot of real ice creams out there. Only problem is it'll run you like $6 per pint, because I've only ever seen it at Whole Foods. But seriously, for sweet cravings it is the absolute best and won't wreak havoc on your macros.
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    nosajjao wrote: »
    It's simple, just stop.

    That works. Simple solution.
  • It's both of us who encourage it. I like the flossing and brushing teeth idea. We usually do that before bed but ill try doing it sooner!
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    What about having some fruit, it's sweet and healthier for you than cookies, cake etc..
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    I swear one of the things that has saved me from junk is making my own non-fat Greek yogurt and learning how to properly sweeten and flavor it to eat for dessert. I swear one of the best things to me right now is taking non-fat Greek yogurt, mixing it with Truvia and vanilla or almond extract, and using it instead of whipped cream to top a bowl of raspberries and cut up strawberries sprinkled with Truvia. Add a bit of light chocolate syrup to it and NOM. Add a piece of good quality dark chocolate and it hits all the points for me in terms of volume, sweetness, chocolate and I am completely satisfied despite it being low cal for a dessert.
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    We're the same way... and used to eat huge slices of cake, pie, oreos, what have you after every meal. I found that cutting them cold turkey for a couple of weeks really helped to re-integrate them in moderate amounts. I found that trying to go from eating lots to eating less was harder than eating none... for the very short term. And then I went back to a little sweet after dinner that fits into my calories for the day. Cutting them all out for a couple of weeks made a noticeable difference in my "tolerance" I guess - I found that I am now satisfied by less sweet things after dinner. At any rate, we've been enjoying Larabar and Luna bar minis of different sorts. The Luna bars have more "stuff" in them, but are definitely sweeter. The larabars are made from simple/whole ingredients and mostly sweetened with dates, which I find pretty sweet and fairly filling. I'm not sure if they're "sweet enough," but I've even gotten my kiddos to eat them after dinner most nights instead of supersweet stuff.
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    Meant to add - this is the way I go instead of the other great options because I cannot stand artificial sweetners of any kind... even stevia (which I know is "natural) leaves me gagging.... so if you need more of a "real" sugar, the mini bars (or even the 100 calorie packs of "bad for you" things) can be a good alternative
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    Dark chocolate does it for me. It's SO sweet that small amounts are pretty satisfying (to me). I'll get super-dark Ghiardelli squares (about 60 calories maybe?). Currently hooked on the Brookside dark chocolate with fruit centers, single serving packs (80 calories). You still have to save room in your budget, but it's not the worst thing. A little something sweet, better than muffins, cookies, cake, etc.
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    I'm the exact same way, I have to have something sweet after dinner. I've found that a serving of large marshmallows (5) is enough to hit the spot. If I'm feeling especially fancy, I roast them over the stove. Heaven! Yes, they are basically pure sugar, but at 90 calories a serving, they're a little easier to fit in than some of the other sweets I would devour if given a chance.
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    If it's such a need for you, just save 150-200 calories for after dinner and have a reasonable amount of cookies/ice cream.

    Or yeah, just stop. My husband eats probably 1000 calories of stuff when we watch TV at night... I just don't.
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    i have recently re gotten into making banana "ice cream" i make it chocolate style usually and add some stevia mmmmm and sliced almonds sometimes or ill add frozen berries in

    i also love mug brownies , medjool dates with chocolate peanut butter on top,some clif bars warmed in the microwave are also really desserty an i love them,a small chocolate bar , chocolate chia pudding,dried fruit i am obsessed with dried mango
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    Try some non fat Greek yoghurt with some fruit or its nice with some banana and peanut butter! Lovely and creamy
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    We have a serving of one of these ...


    The last couple nights, we've had a serving of the chocolate mousse topped with a dab of light whipped cream. :)

    That looks soooo good! I googled it and it looks like it's only available in Australia. Is that where you are?

    That is where I am! :)

    But there were similar things in Canada when I lived there. My favourite was Yoplait Source yogurt - the lemon meringue flavour in particular. It was delicious!


    http://www.vivredelicieusement.ca/lmdbrands/yoplait/source/5692006075 - source tub lemon meringue

    The Yoplait dessert selections are great - 35 cals for 100gms. I have one almost every day - boston cream pie, cappuchinno flavour, cafe latte. The lemon only comes in the big tubs now, but I thought it tasted just like lemon meringue pie.
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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein No Bake Cookies. Message me for recipe. They are legit!
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    I do too. My go to-s are, premier protein fiber snack bar, I usually eat that around 10pm though. And a square of pina colada cake with 2T of Tru-whip. So yummy, only 150 calories.
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    Save calories throughout the day and eat a dessert