Which "QUOTE" has helped you in this journey?

Untilproud11 Posts: 275 Member
Lets share quotes to help others !


  • jsecret
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    I'll have to look around and pick one in particular but pretty much anything that comes out of Rob Bailey's mouth (husband of Dana Linn Bailey).
  • diamondgirl50
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    Breezemode, might have to tattoo that
    one on my forehead!
  • Mersie1
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    Love this! My contribution is "read great threads on MFP more often!"
  • swim777
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    The trick is not to eat as little as you can. The trick is to eat as much as you can while still losing weight.

    Love this too!
  • alysmilne
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    "Challenge = Change" in reference to both resisting food related temptation and beasting it in the gym!