April 2016 Running Challenge



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    Horrible "run"... Nothing but legs pain. Just don't feel like I ran at all.


    19.37/130 miles

    "Don't let fear decide your future" Shalane Flanagan. Olympic Bronze Medalist

    Upcoming races:

    04/24/16 OKC Memorial Half
    10/16/16 THAT dam half, Lewisville TX
    11/05/16 Jenks Half Jenks OK
    Run the year 2016  5.23.79/ 2016
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    @greenolivetree - The Jenks Half hardly qualifies as a crowd. There were only about 300 people total last year. I ran a 2:10:54 race and literally could not see a single person in front of or behind me for the last half of the race! Very chill experience, so it might be a good one to start with. No pressure (nudge, nudge--come on--nudge, nudge). You've got til November to psych yourself up for it. LOL

    Aaaaaaahhhh, but I've never even ran with a single other person. LOL Okay, there was that time back in 2003 when I took up running with a boyfriend... Maybe maybe, BIG MAYBE I'll talk myself into this one day.

    I think about 1600 people ran the HM here last weekend.

    Eeeeeee! My daughter has agoraphobia, I understand how hard getting out can be. It took some time to figure out what was going on with her.

    We got your back! (No pressure). November. :blush:
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    On a roll (of a sort)

    1) Mon 4 April 3.32km
    2) Mon 4 April 2.98km
    3) Tue 5 April 3.10km
    4) Wed 6 April 3.11km

    Didn't head out this morning, (Thu) but may try to get out this afternoon for C25K Week 1 Day 2

    Have also decided that I will add my upcoming race details like others have done ;)
    5 June 14km City2South
    28 August 5km Bridge2Brisbane
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    Date      Miles      MTD
    ------    -----    -----
    Apr 01    103.7    103.7  April Fools!!
    Apr 03      6.2      6.2  Cohasset 10K, PR and 19th in my age group!
    Apr 05      5.3T    11.5
    Apr 06      3.8T    15.3

  • MobyCarp
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    April Running Totals (miles)
    4/1 – scheduled rest day
    4/2 – 13.31 easy
    4/3 – 7.83 easy
    4/4 – 4.59 easy 30 minutes + 4 strides
    4/5 – 14.14 warm up + speed work
    4/6 – 5.18 easy

    April total to date – 45.05

    Nominal Challenge Goal – 200 miles
    Real Goals: Taper well. Arrive at Hopkinton healthy. Run Boston well. Recover well.

    Today's notes – Today's assignment was 40 minutes easy. That wasn't so bad. I covered 5 miles, and it felt like a nice short run. I'm sure next week's sessions of 30 minutes easy won't be so satisfying. But such is taper.

    2016 races:
    January 1, 2016 Resolution Run 7.5 mile (Mendon, NY) finished in 53:58
    January 9, 2016 Winter Warrior Half Marathon (Gates, NY) finished in 1:30:59
    March 12, 2016 Johnny's Runnin' of the Green 5 mile (Rochester, NY) finished in 32:32
    March 26, 2016 Spring Forward Distance Run 15K (Mendon, NY) finished in 1:05:24
    April 18, 2016 Boston Marathon (Hopkinton, MA)
    April 24, 2016 Flower City Challenge Half Marathon (Rochester, NY)
    May 15, 2016 Highland Hospital Lilac Run 10K (Rochester, NY)
    June 19, 2016 Medved 5K to Cure ALS (Rochester, NY)
    July 16, 2016 Shoreline Half Marathon (Hilton, NY)
    September 18, 2016 Rochester Marathon (Rochester, NY)
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    edited April 2016
    I'm just getting started so my goal is pretty low. I'm aiming for 40KM this month.

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    You all are very inspiring. I spoke to a co-worker today about signing up for a 10 k on June 5 th. Other than one mud race for charity this will be my first race in 9 years.

    Rest day today.

    4/3-5 mi
    4/4- 3.5 mi
    4/5-3.5 mi
    4/6- rest day

  • Elise4270
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    @MobyCarp I find I have the pre race jitters and excitement for your upcoming race!
  • HonuNui
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    edited April 2016
    April Goal: Run often

    4/1 couldn't
    4/2 4.05
    4/3 3.15
    4/4 ennui
    4/5 snorkel 3.5 hours: octopus that I stalked for about 20 minutes till I got a decent shot

    4/6 6.30

    Total 13.5

    Upcoming races:
    6/26 SHEPower Virtual 1/2 marathon
    11/13 Las Vegas Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon

    Ticker is my goal for 2016 and accumulation to date:

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    So glad there are no geese where I run and bike. Yikes!
    Sort of fell off the wagon on my 28 day squat plan. Started it back up again today. :wink:

    4/1- 5.1 miles in the rain
    4/2 - rest/travel day
    4/3 - 34 miles on bike
    4/4 - 5.1 miles (intervals)
    4/5 - 5.1 miles - intervals (although slower than yesterday)
    4/6 - 22 miles on bike + Strength training


  • Elise4270
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    ddmom0811 wrote: »
    So glad there are no geese where I run and bike. Yikes!
    Sort of fell off the wagon on my 28 day squat plan. Started it back up again today. :wink:

    Settin' the bar kinda high, aren't ya! :wink: (I'm jealous).

    @HonuNui wow! Love the octopus!
  • ariceroni
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    4/01: Off, rest day
    4/02: 12 miles, long and easy
    4/03: 8K race - 36:36 (7:22 pace) - new PR! + 1 mile warm up
    4/04: 4 miles, easy
    4/05: 5 miles, easy
    4/06: 5 miles total, 2 miles @ 7:38 (LT) pace (am)
    4/06: 4 miles, easy (pm)
    Total: 36.16 miles


    Races I'm registered for:
    04/03 - Shamrock Shuffle (8K) 36:36 - new 8K PR!
    04/09 - Chi Town Half Marathon
    04/24 - Ravenswood Run (5K)
    05/22 - Chicago Spring 13.1
    05/28 - Soldier Field Run (10 miles)
    07/21 - Esprit de She 5K
    09/10 - Magnificent Mile Half Marathon
    09/25 - Chicago Lifetime 5K
    10/09 - Chicago Marathon
    10/30 - Hot Chocolate 5K
    11/27 - Space Coast Half Marathon
  • ddmom0811
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    Super early morning mid-week 8 mile long run through the park today in off and on light rain. Strava said it was a night run, but I am pretty sure it was just early morning.:smile:

    No flashlight again and I am so glad I did not take it. About 3/4 of a mile into the park I noticed something scurrying from my far right peripheral vision towards the path I was on. As I got a better look at it I could see it was a skunk!:grimace: His path and speed along with mine were on a collision course!:grimace: So I stopped dead in my tracks and he scurried on by just a few feet ahead of me and kept on going (whew). Had I been focused on keeping light ahead of me and not had my eyes adjusted to the dark I probably wouldn't have seen him coming and who knows what might have happened!

    I also had some deer dart across the path a couple hundred feet ahead, their hooves clomping on the asphalt path alerted me to them. I couldn't see them anywhere once I got closer though.:smile:

    After the turnaround point an owl landed in an as yet unbloomed tree just ahead and was watching me go by. He may have been wondering why the heck I was out there so early. I am pretty sure he would not have done that if I had a light.

    A skunk!!! OMG - I don't think we have those in Florida. I've lived here 30 years and never smelled one. Grew up in DC area and those went off all the time. I can't imagine not running in the dark without lights. But I'm in my neighborhood and I need the lights for the few cars that are out from 4:30-5:30. I just bought a new light that arrived and going to try it tomorrow. It is really bright!
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    Exactly, If you are breaking your mileage into two you actually need to add time for equivalent effort to induce endurance adaptations. There is even an equation - but since I don't do it, I don't have it in mind. 30%? more of the remaining???

    Plus, by doing doubles too early you are actually hurting the period of recovery. 20 minutes in and you slow significantly protein synthesis.

    It doesn't mean there isn't a place for doubles, but if you are going to do that, first increase the number of running days (while reducing miles per run), then increase mileage, then doubles. If you are only running 3-4 times a week doubles rarely make sense if it isn't a scheduling thing.
    Some advice then - I'm running 6 days/week, averaging about 30ish miles/week, and have been for better than 6 months. If I'm gonna make my monthly goal (135), I need to run about 5.2 miles/day. I have a secondary goal of acclimatizing myself to running in heat, because I'm running the Peachtree Road Race (10K) in Atlanta Georgia on 04-Jul (and it's gonna be HOT!).

    I usually run at work at lunch, but can't take that long a lunch to make 5.2 miles. I was planning to run doubles - about 3 miles before work, and 3 at work. Am I putting in more-or-less useless miles? Is doubles not the way I want/need to go? I don't think that I can routinely do just the 3 at lunch and then a 14+ mile run every Saturday... I KNOW that SWMBO wouldn't like that....
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    There is a book I am reading called "Ultra Mindset" and this sort of difficulty is part of the authors mantra of "It's all good mental training". The key being that the only way to overcome challenges is to face all challenges and persevere through those difficulties as mentally training for whatever challenges may be ahead. Like next winter. :smile:

    I think I'll learn to love treadmills next winter..... -10F is just a bit too cold for outdoor running when the wind picks up
    There is a book I am reading called "Ultra Mindset" and this sort of difficulty is part of the authors mantra of "It's all good mental training". The key being that the only way to overcome challenges is to face all challenges and persevere through those difficulties as mentally training for whatever challenges may be ahead. Like next winter. :smile:

    I think I'll learn to love treadmills next winter..... -10F is just a bit too cold for outdoor running when the wind picks up

    I learned to embrace the treadmill a few years ago. I believe it was one of the best decisions of my life. I'm one of those people who is cold when it's 75 F. I also have sinus problems, and my sinuses, and subsequently my head, hurt so bad when I run in the cold, to me, it just isn't worth the torture. I am one of those people who would rather run 8 miles on a treadmill than 2 miles outside in below freezing temperatures.

    Amen and amen. And a great chance to binge-watch Netflix shows and movies. :)
  • 5BeautifulDays
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    4/1...5.0 @ 12:00 on the TM (4.0 @ 11:15 and 1.0 walking)
    4/2....3.1 @ 11:45 through the neighborhood. My ankle hurt the first mile or so, especially on the uphill bits--downhill isn't too bad
    4/3...Rest day
    4/4...4.6 @ 11:32 on the rail trail and neighborhood streets
    4/5...2.8 @ 11:50 on the TM--that's 2.3 (just to make it even!) @ 11:15 and .5 at a walk, plus strength training
    4/6...Rest day, but I got to go help out at my son's RunFit club. Next time I'm wearing my own running shoes so I can chase him with a sharp stick so he doesn't walk so much! (That was a joke...don't call CPS or Jeff Galloway...)

    Upcoming Races:
    Healthy Strides Community 10k.....April 23, 2016
    Run and Ride Kings Dominion 10K...May 22, 2016 (maybe!)
    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon.....November 6, 2016


  • 5BeautifulDays
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    @skippygirlsmom praying here for a speedy recovery for Skip, she's been through a lot this last little while.

    @mnlittlefinn thank you so much. She's a great kid, besides the physical stuff, she's had her little heart broken by the boy with the cooties. She made me promise not to go to school and go "jersey" on him. :wink: She has really had a rough week. We went out Monday night for ice cream and I told her boyfriend horror stories, she was dying laughing.

    This made me think of a fabulous poem another friend posted on Facebook:

  • kristinajeang
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    4/1 - 1.5 miles
    4/5 - 2 miles
    4/6 - 1.5 miles

    5 out of 25 miles done!
  • juliet3455
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    A very short 6 km Run ( 33:24 ) late tonight after travelling all day - trying out some new Retail Therapy kit.
    Hydration Belt 2 - 300ml bottles, Snack Pouch and a Holder for the Racer Bib, new Brooks Shorts and a new No-Name Dri-Wicking Top . So far so good.

    04/01 – 0.0 Km – 0.0 - 140 km
    04/02 – 10. Km – 10 km- 130 km
    04/02 – 8.0 Km – 18 km- 122 km
    04/04 – 12 km – 30 km – 110 km
    04/06 – 6.0 km – 36 km – 104 km – YTD 426.8 km

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    4 Full pages and over 90 posts since my last run. I just touched on a Few that I came Across.

    @greenolivetree No you are not alone when it comes to running in the cold it's a balmy 3C ( 38F ) today and I ran in Shorts and a Short Sleeve Wicking Top. Loved it.
    I guess I'm in the minority because I loved running in the cold this Jan/Feb!

    @Stoshew71 This is why you are Inspire and Motivate so many in this Gang of Crazy Runners.
    Stoshew71 wrote: »
    14 months later I ran my first marathon in just barely under 4 hours. So even though I tell people that I did Couch to marathon in 14 months, I don't know if I was truly represented your typical couch person.

    @MobyCarp Another Gentleman Runner who Inspires and Motivates us Mature Slow Developers.
    I ran my first 10K in June 2015, 1st and 2nd HM in February 2016, heading into my 3rd HM next Weekend ( Jasper National Park - Canadian Rockies )
    MobyCarp wrote: »
    Just a counterpoint from a slower developer - I ran my first 10K on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. Pointed at a half marathon in April 2012, got injured and had to trade down to the 5K. Pointed at the same half marathon in April 2013, got injured and had to trade down to the 5K. Got medical help to correct some root causes, got a paid training program, and finally made it to that half in April 2014, 2 years and 5 months after my first 10K, at age 58.
    The plan was to run 4 halfs in 2015, and ultimately run my first marathon in September 2016. Nice long and slow development, right? Finishing Buffalo in 3:21 at age 59 created a moral obligation to run Boston 2016.
    Turns out the Rochester Marathon in September 2016 will be my third marathon instead of my first; but even with everything going right after the last stress fracture, it took me 4 years and 6 months from my first 10K to get to my first marathon.

    @shanaber Another great person who Inspires and motivates so many of us. First Race as A HM - That be Crazy especially with such a huge crowd of participants!!! To tear a meniscus doing such an innocent thing as playing with a puppy is just wrong. I tore mine walking down the stairs in my house to get my Tie for Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Was a very bad Day. Still stood through the Ceremonies to Honor the Fallen and those who came home injured.
    shanaber wrote: »
    I started running in 2011 as well (at 56) and my 1st race was the Long Beach HM that a friend signed me up for. It was fun and so overwhelming all at once (~25k runners in all events!). Not even a month later I injured my knee (torn meniscus) playing with my pup so I could not run for 6 months. I have run a few HMs each year since, with 5 last year including qualifying for and running the USA Invitational HM. I just wish I could run as fast as @MobyCarp :) I am still seeing time improvements even at 60!

    @lporter229 You say it the best that I have ever heard anyone say " long slow road to speed is the best one." I bow my head to your cadence - My Cadence peaks out at only about 160 but I am over 6ft tall and still packing an extra 12kg ( ~25 lbs ) so this holds me back. No Apps, GPS Gadgets or Social Media Groups, running groups. Definitely Dating yourself - but something I understand.
    lporter229 wrote: »
    Another slow developer here. I have been running pretty consistently, health and life permitting, for 18 or 19 years. It's been so long that I really can't remember my "running story" very accurately, but I know that when I started running (in 1997), it was for my general health and fitness. There were no apps, GPS gadgets or social media groups. I am not even sure there were running groups. If there were, they were few and far between. I pretty much just laced them up and went out for 30-40 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week, with no real goals in mind. I ran between 10 and 15 miles per week max. I did not participate in an organized race until 2002, my first 5K. When I moved to Cincinnati in 2003, I lived in a great running neighborhood and caught a bit of a bug. I ran my first 15K later that year and my first half marathon in 2004. I did all of my races at pretty much the same pace I trained 9:30-10 minutes per mile. My first half marathon was a 2:05. I never really thought of trying to get faster and didn't much care.

    Editted /// I used that as my motivation for the next year and a half and finally achieved my goal in October of 2015 in Columbus with a time of 3:38:26, giving my a 16+ minute cushion for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

    One thing I did want to mention is that I believe that all of those years of slow, easy running were critical in getting me where I am today. Matt Fitgerald says that over time, your body will adapt to a more efficient running form. A lot has been said about the values of having a high cadence. I never measured my cadence until 2 or so years ago. But when I first measured it, it was in the 184-188 range consistently. Currently, all of my runs are in the 190s. Even though I am very short, which probably makes for a naturally high cadence, I doubt that if I had measured my cadence all those years ago, that the numbers would be that high. It's not something I ever practiced or intended for, but something that I believed developed over time. I guess my point is, that even though we all want to be super fast, like yesterday, for some of us, the slow road to speed is the best one.