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New Take On How Gastric Bypass Cures Diabetes



  • bpetroskybpetrosky Posts: 3,717Member Member Posts: 3,717Member Member
    lemurcat12 wrote: »
    I think Gale should write to his senator Mitch McConnell and get him to lobby Congress to declare all foods either "fats," "carbs," or "proteins." Then this pesky mixed thing will no longer be an issue and some delicious creamy ice cream will simply be "a carb," as God intended. After all, it's not like he's wasting time with some nominee to the SC or anything.

    While they're at it, they can declare pi = 3.14 and and close all those pesky universities that insist otherwise.
  • yarwellyarwell Posts: 10,573Member Member Posts: 10,573Member Member
    snikkins wrote: »
    Serah87 wrote: »
    I think Gale must of taken common core classes, lol

    Nah, because then he would be able to have explained his answer instead of talking in circles. ;)

    I'm so confused! Over-eating leads to weight gain, which leads to increased risk of diabetes. I didn't think this was controversial.

    You would have to say that weight gain "is associated with" risk of diabetes for it to be non-controversial. There'll be people who over eat, gain weight and don't become even slightly diabetic, for example.
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