Is it weird or illegal to go into a large hotel just to use their staircase for exercise?

I know this is weird... Lol but, I live in a very small town and the only building within 30min of my home that is larger than 2 stories is a 8 story Marriott. Im trying to keep all my exercise indoors due to my ridiculous allergies. Walmart is great for walking laps but I would like to also find a place where I can climb some stairs. And like I said, the Marriott is seriously the only building in town that might be a potential option. This hotel is absolutely huge and I really think I could probably walk right in, find the stairwell and go at it without anyone even noticing. But, if I start doing it regularly, I'm sure the employees would notice and wonder what in the world of doing. I certainly don't wanna be suspicious or get in any trouble. So, is this weird? Do other people do this? Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!


  • quiksylver296
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    Wouldn't be illegal in my state unless they had trespassed you off the property and you came back. NOTE: State laws vary.

    Would it be weird? Sorry. Yes. Buy a stair-climber. See if you can find one cheap on Craigslist.
  • Ready2Rock206
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    Maybe just check in at the front desk and let them know so if anyone is monitoring the security cameras they're not calling the cops on you! :)
  • blueeyez939
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    Alright, so it seems like the thing to do is just go to the front desk and ask the managers permission and then just say something to front desk every time I show up? I really don't care if people think I'm "the weird lady that climbs the stairs" lmao I am definitely more concerned that they will think I'm some kinda weirdo because it's so suspicious to go to the stairwell they may think I'm scoping the place out to do something bad or something.... Thanks for your input everyone!
  • HealthierRayne
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    If the hotel turns out to be a bust maybe try making your own "stairs" at home, a sturdy box that you can step up onto and down - you could even do that while watching tv :)
  • blues4miles
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    No gym with a stair machine?
  • minniestar55
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    Definitely ask the manager. The hotel will have liability insurance that would cover employees & guests, but it may be a problem having someone who is neither using the facility, especially if its possible to injure yourself, like it might be using the stairs for exercise. Might be better to make your own step.
  • rileyes
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    If the hotel is mean... Parking garages. Stadium bleachers.
  • giantrobot_powerlifting
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    If they give you resistance, offer to deliver room service at no extra charge. :#
  • Sweetiepiestef
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    Can you go to a mall and climb the stairs or something more public?
  • skinnybythanksgiving
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    rileyes wrote: »
    If the hotel is mean... Parking garages. Stadium bleachers.

    Yes! Stadium bleachers are awesome and you get to be outside in fresh air.
  • InsipidDime
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    Why not buy a step stool and do it at home?
  • usmcmp
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    rileyes wrote: »
    If the hotel is mean... Parking garages. Stadium bleachers.

    Yes! Stadium bleachers are awesome and you get to be outside in fresh air.

    The OP is avoiding being outside due to allergies.
  • blueeyez939
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    All great ideas guys, except some of you missed the part where I mentioned I live in such a small town that the only building larger than 2 story is this one and only giant hotel lol there is no mall, parking garage, or anything like that here.... Even our hospital is single story lol the idea here is to get outta the house but not actually be outside. Turns out, not such an easy task in a small town.... Maybe I'll stick to just being the weird lady who walks laps around Walmart.... Lol
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    To all the people saying use a stair climber or a step stool/box at home... part of my motivation for taking the stairs is the stair counter on my Fitbit. Fitbit doesn't count stairs on a stair climber or a box. It works on air pressure. That requires actually going up stairs.

    And is it weird to go to a hotel to climb the stairs? Perhaps, but I've probably weirded out my neighbors by walking up the stairs by my apartment over and over again. No worries!