What is your daily calorie intake? (Mine's 2,300)



  • shadow2soul
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    currently 1846 to lose approximately 0.8 lbs per week (my maintenance is around 2300)
    121.9 trend weight
    120.9 recent low scale weight

    Usually I just use MFP's numbers (1300 NET at my current weight) and let my Fitbit adjust MFP's calories up or down as needed. Recently I've been experiencing some issues with the link between the two that have made the adjustments unreliable, so I used IIFYM calculator to come up with a steady calorie amount to aim to average (it actually spit out a number slightly lower then my avg total intake in Feb where I lost 0.7 lbs per week).
  • LadeneButts
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    1210 calories
  • 4righteousnesssake
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    That's awesome! Thanks everyone!
    By the way, feel free to add me if any one is looking for more friends!
  • 5stringjeff
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    Male, 39, 6'4", maintaining 182-186, sedentary lifestyle (desk job). 2230 calories per day.
  • smotheredincheese
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    1440, plus exercise. So around 1640 total.
    I'm 5'5 and around 133 lbs.
    What I wouldn't give to be able to eat 2300 :s
  • kissedbythesunshine
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    1400. I do not eat my exercise calories but they are there if I want something extra.
  • Afura
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    1330 sedentary, set to lose 2lb/week, 5'8 at 244.
  • kandeye
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    Afura wrote: »
    1330 sedentary, set to lose 2lb/week, 5'8 at 244.

    Your stats are so close to mine, except I'm 246 :p. Eating between 1600-1800 with activity
  • DisneyDude85
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    30 yrs old, 5'7", 254 lbs. Currently at 1860 cals for 1.5 pound loss per week :)
  • Seffell
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    1250. not exercising, have 15kg to lose
  • Panda_Poptarts
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  • fahdiz
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    1500, I eat back some of the exercise calories on lifting days but generally not on cardio days. 5'10", 209.6 lbs (as of this morning), lost just over 15 lbs since February.
  • 4righteousnesssake
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    1440, plus exercise. So around 1640 total.
    I'm 5'5 and around 133 lbs.
    What I wouldn't give to be able to eat 2300 :s

    You know what's funny? I hardly ever actually eat that much. I've been trying to get close, but I'm usually around 300-500 calories short. :#
  • sbl1881
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    5'3, 36yrs old. 15 lbs to lose, 1510 cals/day and don't eat back exercise calories
  • JemPuddleduck
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    1760 is my MFP setting for losing a pound a week. Started at around 231 pounds and lost around 5 pounds so far. So working nicely and isn't so drastic that I feel hungry. Got a lot more to go :)
  • BeYouTiful94
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    My 1 pound a week goal gives me 1550 calories. I eat 1200-1500. I usually stay lower, around 1200, just cuz I'm not hungry, but will eat all my calories if I'm hungry enough too. I don't eat back exercise calories

    Female, 5'5.5", 21 years old, 150.0 as of this morning, lightly active as activity level. SW: 169, GW: 145
  • Midnightgypsy0
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    Wow! I wish. I've been trying to lose 2 pounds a week. MFP Set me at 1500. Desk job. 59. Male. Walk a couple of miles every day . Arthritic knees prevent most exercise.
    Been here for a year. Lost NOTHING. 238 when I started. 236 this morning. :#
  • ryry_
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    6'4 225lbs

    2130 + excercise calories for a 1 lb per week loss rate
  • 20yearsyounger
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    male, 41, 5'10", maintaining 153lbs, ~1950+exercise
  • yoyeen1981
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    MFP set me up at 1660 for 0.5lbs/week, sedentary (desk job). Do cardio 3x/week. I don't eat those calories back.