Stop that snacking

If you feel like snacking drink a big glass of water! Makes you feel full until next meal. Great for times when you don't think you will make you calorie count.


  • VykkDraygoVPR
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    Nah, water just makes me feel less thirsty. Unless I am already full, then I feel terrible. Sooo... I just reach for the snack! XD

    Except for times that I'm just bored, and want something flavorsome, like coffee. But that isn't the same thing. But, hey, if it works for you, that's pretty awesome. Sometimes I wish I had an off switch like that.
  • MaggzSC
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    I think a healthy snack is sufficient. Maybe an apple alongside some water.
  • niciabrighteyes
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    Have something w/ a lot of fiber or protein.
    Honestly my go-to is the single servings of flavored tuna. 80 calories per pack for most, 150 for a few others. Might have them w/ a few crackers, etc.
  • joncooper1980
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    elphie754 wrote: »
    .....I'd rather have a snack and be slightly over than be hungry and miserable.

    OK so I understand that water may not do it for you but......

    If you take this attitude everyday then you will always be "over" and weight loss would not occur. Please be mindful that when you make statements like these you are not helping anyone.

    Secondly, your fat loss diet is seriously flawed if you are left feeling "hungry and miserable" between meals.
  • gember85
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    I snack I make sure I save calories so I can snack in the day does you good having a little something if your hungry no point depriving yourself x
  • jen_bush
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    The best thing to do is to snack on some fibrous veg - I always eat brocolli, it fills me up more than water and is calorie safe. :)
  • fr33sia12
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    What's wrong with snacking? I factor 2 snacks into my eating plan, as I know I'll want to snack. I just go for healthy snacks that's all.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    There's nothing wrong with snacking :smiley: << put in that smiley so you can tell I'm relaxed LOL - Those of us who do fit the snacks into our daily calories...simple!
  • 8diamonds
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    Water doesn't fill me at all. I always leave some calories for snacking especially in the evenings and if I'm not hungry great but there is no way I could go hungry because I may just end up overeating junk!
  • cmverhey
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    Water doesn't take away my hunger either. However, during moments where eating has become a habit (like eating chips by the tv), sipping from a bottle of water instead definitely helps me. Just not when I'm hungry!
  • 3nails1love
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    I'm not sure cutting out all the snacks is a good thing. It helps boost your metabolism to have little meals 5 times a day. My breakfast and lunch average 200 calories a meal, and my dinner is USUALLY under 400 calories. (I know it's better to eat bigger at breakfast and lighter at dinner but it doesn't work with my lifestyle) Then I have evening snacks which is usually up to 400 cals as well. Sometimes I need other snacks to get me to the next meal, then I just add a workout to my day. That or I have to cut out my glass of wine that night or reduce my pretzels.

    The important thing is to budget your day. If you have a standard snack you always have, budget it in. If you are going to have trouble to meet your goal, add in a 10 minute workout. (say a fast walk around the block, or ride your bike to the store to pick up what you need for dinner) Lets not take the fun out of losing weight.

    I say, eat what you like, just budget for it.
  • malibu927
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    elphie754 wrote: »
    Nope. Drinking water does nothing for me. I know quite a few people with the same reaction to drinking water (it doesn't fill them up). I get annoyed when people say this as if it is applicable to everyone.

    I'd rather have a snack and be slightly over than be hungry and miserable.

    Same here. If I need a snack, I'll get a snack. It's usually fruit, cheese, or hummus with pita chips/Triscuits. I just make sure it fits into my goals.