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I Don't Believe in Calorie Counting

PiperGirl08PiperGirl08 Posts: 134Member, Premium Member Posts: 134Member, Premium Member
by Tracey Anderson,

"People need to have the courage and the determination to understand food and to really reflect on their past relationships with food. It’s more about the awareness of the kinds of food people are eating, the amounts they’re much of our hunger is not even rooted in a real biological need to eat; a lot of it is rooted in emotion.

"I think it’s just about having an ongoing dialogue with yourself where you try as often as possible to say, “How can I show up for myself and my body today through my food choices?”"

I agree. Thoughts?


  • chunky_pinupchunky_pinup Posts: 759Member Member Posts: 759Member Member
    Recommends diets that are unsafe because they are below 1000 calories (I realize that some people go that low with medical supervision but she is NOT a doctor).

    That's because she doesn't believe in counting calories :s:s:s

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  • zyxstzyxst Posts: 9,156Member Member Posts: 9,156Member Member
    Whatever works for Tracy Anderson. Calorie counting works for me.
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