Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • 01MissFit
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    Add me up ! ! :D
  • bsafferm
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    Definitely feel free to add me, people!! :smile: ahaha! I use MFP every day and would ~love~ to have some new like-minded, motivated friends on here!
  • thefortressofsolitude
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    Feel free to add me as with anyone else looking for a friend!
  • kelseyavaughan
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    :smiley: I'd love some new friends!
  • lcu1974
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    Add me too
  • Ruuffiiooooo
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    Add me!
  • meghannicoleee13
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    Add me please. I'm new and need motivation!!
  • Chloeoz88
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    Would love some motivation! Fell off the wagon but I am back on with gusto....... hoping to keep the momentum going this time!
  • memotic
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    Feel free to add me!
  • ScottyT67203
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    Add me... needing true motivators.
  • michaelkoay8
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    Add me TQ
  • navyasureshrao
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    Add me :) In need of more friends!
  • rissakaye0
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    hi, I'm Marissa! I've used MFP off and on for a couple of years, but only have two MFP currently! Would love to gain some new friends on here for mutual motivation and encouragement! :)
  • markag1990
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    Anyone feel free to add me
  • shibster612
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    Add me please
  • ryandbrink
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    I would like more friends. Add me please.
  • elhamyusuf
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    I'm pretty new to mfp and I really like the vibe that you all bring: motivation and positivity :-)
    - Ellie
  • madxprofessor
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    If you plan on using mfp for a while then add me... I'm a long time user who logs daily, just looking to expand my fitness family. :smile: :blush:
  • CafeKumi
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  • Ratfinks
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    I definitely need some friends, lol! Add me!