I got a taste of what it's like to have MFP friends and its amazing what motivational people can do!



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    sharondjs wrote: »
    I'm sort of talky on people's 'feeds' and want you to open your diary and don't mind discussing TOM with women, so if you dare add me, go ahead.

    what is TOM ??

    Time of the month ;-)

  • audreyanderson4
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    Feel free to add me :)
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    Added :smile: The more the merrier
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    If you can stand another friend, pls add me as well. Anyone else on here, pls feel free to add me. It's good to have friends :smiley:
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    Of course! Added :)
  • Kellikat80
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    It's time to revamp the old thread. Some of my old friends have faded away over the years. Who's here for some good friendly support?

    Add me and let's enjoy this fitness journey together 😊