If you had a chance for a "do-over" in life, what would you do differently?



  • LoveEpifanie
    LoveEpifanie Posts: 37 Member
    I would definitely take better care of my teeth from a younger age. They aren't horrible but I didn't take good care of them when I was a child and teenager.
  • Tweaking_Time
    Tweaking_Time Posts: 733 Member
    Start my business 20 years earlier.
  • beagletracks
    beagletracks Posts: 6,035 Member
    Wouldn't have gotten mixed up with that very bad man in my early 20s.
  • nakeddog
    nakeddog Posts: 79 Member
    I agree most decisions shape where we are today, and I have an okay life, I can't do over things not in my control...so I won't dwell on that. I do 4 amazing kids, and a decent husband/father (tho we are not in love like we should be, over the years we have become platonic roommates raising our children, haven't shared a bed together for 17 of our 18yrs married...no sex for the past 2yrs)....shouldn't have married so quickly., and because we could not live together before marriage, (religion thing) I didn't know him well enough.

    So with that being said, my do over moment I'd have to go back to being 14/15? yrs old ...not taking an oath to my religion, actually dated the highschool boy I really liked and he liked me he was 17/18...had a 2nd chance in 20's to date him again, we became best friends and again I let religion win...had I listened to my heart I might have had the marriage and life that I think would have happened...I'd still have my 4 kids...but without regrets. And as soon as I told him I met someone else, he stopped waiting and I lost my soulmate to another woman.

  • Forty6and2
    Forty6and2 Posts: 2,492 Member
    I would completely re-do my last conversation with my mom. She passed away about a year and a half ago and our last conversation was about her getting out of the rehabilitation center she was in for physical rehabilitation. She was upset that she had to stay longer than she wanted and my response was (more-or-less) that it would help in the long run and she needed to just do it. If I had known then that I would never get the chance to talk to her again, I would have focused on telling her that I love her and that I'll miss her. I'd tell her that I'm proud of all she's gone through for my benefit and that I appreciate every late night shift at a sh!tty job just so we could get by
  • natbat06
    natbat06 Posts: 2 Member
    Probably born again from another mother because my hates me.
  • riouxha
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    wouldn't have gone to law school.

    That IS my regret. Love my job. I love being a critical care nurse and live to help people. But that was always my dream.
  • nakeddog
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    natbat06 wrote: »
    Probably born again from another mother because my hates me.

    So does mine...abandoned me, my father's parents ended up raising me...18mths old...she kept her son (different father 14mths older), had two more sons (2 different fathers)...I tried to connect off and on over the years...never works out...most recently she left fb for awhile, came back on and had unfriended me...still has her 3 sons as friends.
  • Shells918
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    Stood up to the bullies.
    Skipped the second husband and met the third one in his place.
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,925 Member
    Wouldn't have quit my last job... would have pushed through the rough patch... my new job makes me even more sad.
  • VeryKatie
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    i need like at least 12 do overs

    but i'd start by not turning my phone off one night when i was playing cards in college and i missed the most important call of my life

    I'm afraid to ask...
  • BoomstickChik
    BoomstickChik Posts: 149 Member
    If I had to choose just one thing, never give up my job to be a sahm. I love my kids, but I miss having a career.
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
    AllOutof_Bubblegum Posts: 3,646 Member
    All of my childhood basically, being more self-sufficient and independent, so that when my parents said, "hey, we're movin' to Mexico!" I could have said, "No. YOU are moving to Mexico, while I move in with Nana in Phoenix."

    Also to have run--FAST--in the opposite direction when I met David on Myspace.
  • ilfaith
    ilfaith Posts: 16,768 Member
    Should have gone into medicine instead of magazine publishing.
  • Erin1082
    Erin1082 Posts: 25 Member
    Loose weight when I was young and first needed too. To have gone to a dietitian and learn about food and how I should have been eating. To have not gotten to the weight i was 4 months ago. I hope my children never struggle like i, my parents, and sister have. I plan to break our cycle.
  • Dr1nkbleachndye
    Dr1nkbleachndye Posts: 441 Member
    Try to have a better relationship with family members I lost.
  • StephanieJane2
    StephanieJane2 Posts: 191 Member
    Not start smoking (stopped now) I would have taken up sports when young and fit !
  • davidharken637
    davidharken637 Posts: 78 Member
    Stop that stupid girl looking down at her phone to text ..... Which ended up killing my niece on her bike.