Whats your GOAL or current weight range?



  • Jesusjohnjames
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    shed77f wrote: »
    38yrs old and 5ft 0
    SW - 129
    CW - 112
    GW - 107 (then a range from 107 - 112)

    Almost there!

  • ObsidianMist
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    SW 140
    CW 113
    GW 110

    so close I can taste it!!!
  • BethP_994
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    My goal right now is too loose this excess weight and tone up my body. Need my 18 year old body back :p
  • JeromeBarry1
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    H 5'10" 178cm
    W 227.8 lb 16.27 st
    Goal 160 lb 11.42 st

    Progress: Steady and rapid.
  • milamariejm
    milamariejm Posts: 23 Member
    Start Weight: 228
    Current Weight: 158
    Goal Weight 150

    I'm hoping to hit my goal by July.
  • kirstinethornburg
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    5 feet 4 inches tall current weight 225
    Goal weight 163
    when I started my current low carb diet I weighed 234 Three years ago was down to 163 from starting weight of 243.5.
    This time low carb is not only going to be while I am looseing weight but will be my continuing nee life style with the hopes this will help me to keep this weight off fineally

  • dbhDeb
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    High weight (2006): 189
    Current Weight: 165
    Goal Weight: 135
  • Powerfulchick
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  • skinnyforhi
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    CW 135ish
    GW 124-128
  • Toribeth23
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    SW: 200 lb
    CW: 192 lb
    GW: 180 lb
    UGW: Around 160 lb?

    I'm taking my goals slowly. Realistically I'm just looking to get to 180 right now. After that I'll look at 160, and go from there. I know for my height and frame (medium-large) I should ideally be somewhere between 145 and 155; But I haven't been that weight since I was in middle school, maybe junior high and I have no idea what that weight would look like on me as an adult! I do know what 160ish looks like on me (early college) and feel like I would be happy with that... but we'll see what happens when I reach it!
  • sunflowerhippi
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    edited May 2016

    Goal is 140-145 and then will maintain while working on a recomp depending where I am at body fat wise. (current 152 have a 7 month old baby so getting weight back down again)
  • Powerfulchick
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    Goal is 140-145 and then will maintain while working on a recomp depending where I am at body fat wise. (current 152 have a 7 month old baby so getting weight back down again)

  • MrsMoviestar
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    5"4 I Love being in a range of 126-130. I look my best at this weight
  • HealthyBodySickMind
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    5' 4.75" Maintaining steadily at 110 to 114.
    Pregnancy weight is gone; lifts are going up (hit 200lbs on my deadlift!). All is well.

    ^^^ I wrote the above on here last year, May 28, 2015. Deadlift is now up to 228 lbs. Maintaining my weight (or maybe slowly gaining?) about 115-118 lbs.
  • hoorayselma
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    Gw 120-130
  • MommaLovesToLoseIt
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    I started at 355. I'm now about 255. Goal weight is between 165 and 200. I'm 5'9"
  • 12Sarah2015
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    Started 72kg currently 66 aim 58kg
  • tugsandpulls760
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    hw 402 sw 389 cw 265 gw 225
  • NovaDuck
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    SW: 179lb (81kg)
    CW: 144.2lb (65.4kg)
    GW: 115lb (52kg)
  • hangee123
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    5' 2"

    SW 194 lbs
    CW 133 lbs
    GW range 120 - 129 lbs

    From spending my whole life overweight, I'm just super happy to feel confident now :) So I'm not too fussed how quickly I get down to GW, just that the scales head in the right direction and I enjoy the journey to getting there. No point in killing it for the last 10ish lbs, when it's not sustainable! Currently losing about 0.5 lbs per week and though it's slow I'm loving life :smiley: