When did you go shopping?



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    I have little choice but to regularly get new clothes. I work part-time at a front desk and need to look immaculate. The days I'm in the back on translation work I can show up in jeans and t-shirts and no one lifts an eyebrow.

    Thankfully I can ask friends and family if they have anything I can borrow to tie my over so I don't have to spend all that much. I'm currently wearing my cousin's pre-pregnancy clothes and she's using my own old clothes until she fits into her own again. Another cousin's girlfriend already offered her own old clothes from before she lost weight for the next phase. And one of my aunt gave me all her suits and dresses from before she retired. It's not always 100% the style I like, but it's a temporary situation.

    As a result, I get a whole new wardrobe everytime I lose a size and only have to spend the gas money needed to drive to where ever said person happens to live.

    The only thing I spend money on is jeans. I need to feel comfortable in my jeans and no one seems to have the same body shape.
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    I went from a size 20 to size 10/12 and managed to get away with wearing clothes a size to big but had to buy new ones once I've lost 2 dress sizes. Went through no end of clothes but never spent a lot on them as if your planning on losing more it's pointless x
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    I didn't realise I had shrunk until I went to put on a pair of shorts I hadn't worn in a while. They practically fell off. My busy schedule means the only clothes I really wear are work clothes & pyjamas. While I downsized the work pants - it didn't really sink in, I mean they were a mens cut anyway (womens just don't have enough pockets)!

    Suddenly I realised nothing fit anymore! Skinny jeans were baggy, shorts were falling off, high waisted skirts became hip-skirts.

    I have gone from an Australian (on average) size 10 to a (on average) size 8... 12kgs in total.

    I've decided i'm not going to throw everything out and start again, but instead replace as needed - I needed winter clothes so I've bought some and hopefully won't shrink out of these!!
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    I'm 50 pounds lighter than I was last October. I wasn't planning to buy new clothes until I'm done with the weight loss, but I can't stand the way I look in my bigger clothing now. They're sooo baggy. I had some old clothes from when I weighed less years ago, but I pulled them out too late and they also look huge and my style has changed some.

    I've got some jeans, workout clothes and countless race shirts for outside work. I bought 4 dresses and have one pair of pants that fits. My coworkers are going to be so sick of the sight of the same outfits from now through the end of summer, but I don't want to buy anything else until I have no choice.
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    After the first 10lbs I dropped a dress size so bought a few things knowing I was only half way to goal. I was lucky that some old clothes that were too small started fitting so they got another outing or three :smiley:
    Then as I approached goal I had so much fun shopping for another size smaller. There is nothing better than buying new clothes in a smaller size especially when having never been that small before :smiley:
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    I started at 220lb and I'm now 170lb. I bought 2 pairs of jeans at ~185lb which are now too big (size 32's, I can fit a 30, but 31's are more comfortable unless the fit is perfect in the legs). I also bought maybe 3 shirts at ~182lb. My wife started buying me some more shirts at 170lb and just bought me two pair of shorts.

    I still wear all my old shirts, but I don't wear any of my old jeans. I need to toss all of my old sweat pants/shorts but since I only wear them around the house it isn't too bad to just tie them tight.
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    I buy new pants as soon as I fit into the next size down. I've gone from 24W to 14 petite. I get the pants on sale, and get one pair of jeans and one pair of black pants for work. I'm not going to go around hiking my pants up all the time. Shirts can last quite a bit longer if you buy the right ones. I've worked hard for those smaller sizes, so I'm darn well going to wear them all the way baby!!

    This. Hate saggy falling down pants. It isn't exactly a big investment since I usually just have 2 pairs of jeans + leggings for the gym. Got by with just one bra for a few months; went with 2 this time because it is hard for me to imagine needing a smaller band size short of surgery...if there is another inch or better there it is a really sneaky spread out inch. And I bought two size small tees this past weekend just because I could...they were on clearance and look absolutely fine...not too short/clingy; and everything in my closet is XL/L.
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    I generally get a few new things every few months or season. I wear dresses for a long time because they're more forgiving. They don't look as sloppy at work as my pants do once I can fit in the next size down.
    A lot of the things I'm buying now are just clearance (like bras), or cheaper stuff from Old Navy, Target, and TJ Maxx. Quality doesn't matter quite so much since I won't be wearing it more than a few months and it will be too big next time the season rolls around.

    I have had to buy a few new pairs of shoes though. My feet are smaller (arch seems higher and width is more narrow), and I couldn't get away with wearing some of the really big ones due to blisters.
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    I go every time stuff is getting too loose on me. Which is usually every couple of months. But I typically shop at thrift stores or consignment shops right now because it's way cheaper than buying stuff from regular stores.
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    I recently have been shopping a LOT. For awhile I've been mostly making do with clothes too big and altering what I could.

    Now that warmer weather is here I'm splurging. I only bought a couple pairs of capris that I can easily alter. Everything else I'm buying is flowing material very summer stuff that will look good as is for a lot more weight loss.

    Right now I'm loving the J Lopez items at kohls. There have been a couple other brands there with similar type but different materials, designs and cuts. I've bought gorgeous tops and dresses that flatter and hide and are styled to hang loose but have shape.

    I'm ready to look good even though I still have a ways to go B). I've lost over half my goal. For the first time in years I'm being stopped by other women asking where I bought my clothes.
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    TnZMom wrote: »
    I shop way too often. No waiting here. :D

    pretty much me
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    I love shopping, so if I can afford it and my clothes are at the point I need a belt I will try and see if the next size fits. If it does, I won't hesitate to buy it.
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    I didn't.

    I went from 155lbs (5yrs ago) to 200lbs (3yrs ago) to 153lbs (2 years ago) and now I'm at a comfy 175lbs. I've worn all the same clothes except for jeans (34 waist at my biggest, 30-32 now). Half of my t-shirts are from high school and most of my workout shirts are from junior high. I don't donate clothes unless I absolutely hate them and it takes me a few years to figure out that I hate an article of clothing.
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    I wear scrubs for work, so I can get away with them being a little baggy and just cinching in the waist. I haven't even tried any new ones on, but I told myself at the beginning that I wasn't replacing scrubs until I could fit into a medium. There's a chance that I probably could now, but what I've got right now still isn't unbearable so I'll just wait. No need to spend money if I don't have to!

    For regular clothes I've just been shopping in my closet in the event I need to wear something outside of scrubs. Most of my time is spent either at work or the gym right now, so no real need for regular clothes. I'm going on vacation on Monday so I finally did some shopping for vacation clothes. When I started I was a 16, and now I'm probably mostly a 12 but have bought things as small as an 8. If it wasn't for the vacation I probably would have held out on buying new clothes until I was a solid 10 or 8, and just kept shopping in my closet (have clothes in closet already from 10-16). But I worked really hard to reach a goal I set way last year for this vacation, and I wanted to have clothes that fit me properly that I love!

    Th clothes I bought for this vacation should probably last me through the summer if I need regular clothes, so I probably won't buy anymore new clothes until fall when I'm hopefully at goal size of 6/8 to replace the size 16 fall/winter clothes.
  • Gamliela
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    I bought a few new clothes 5 months after losing (just recently). My clothes were too tight when I began cico and so I had a few months before smaller was necessary.
    Also, I have kept alot of my small clothes, its fun to fit back into them. Some things I bought last year in France fit more comfortably this summer, which is always a perk! :)
  • scolaris
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    I've gone from a 12 to a 6 or 8 (28 or 29) in jeans over the last 7 or 8 months. I was lucky to get hand me downs along the way from a friend who is also losing weight. I've only bought a few 6's and all in the last 5-6 weeks.
    In tops I went from L to M & just replaced tops thru normal attrition. I'm a school sub so after 3 or 4 semesters of wear knits start to look tired anyway.
    My jacket remains L or M because I have long arms, broad shoulders & live in a climate where it's good to be able to layer things.
    Overall it has been pretty painless. I adhere to a rather minimalist 'capsule' style wardrobe anyway. I like wearing what I like a lot, wearing it out, and then replacing with an item that feels current. I really don't understand people with 50 pairs of jeans in about 6 sizes, most of which look like outdated crap anyway! LOL
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    I'm now down almost 35 lbs and most of my spring/summer stuff from last year was much too big, so I bought a few new pairs of capris and some summer tops. Otherwise, I've been shopping in my box of 'someday' clothes.

    Trying not to buy too much cause I really hope even these new things won't fit for long. I do love shopping though, so there will probably still be a few new things :)

    And just last night, I turned all the hangers in my closet around to the 'wrong' way. If at the end of the summer the hanger is still turned the wrong way, that gets donated to Goodwill. It's a good visual way for me to see what I actually wear and what I just think I'm going to wear.
  • scolaris
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    Consignment is great! And thrifting is fun if your time allows. I don't have time unfortunately. I do average my replacement costs. I recently scored 3 short sleeve knits at old navy & Kmart for $8, $8, and $14... that allowed me to splurge on a beautifully embroidered knit to from sundance because the average per piece came to $29.60, just under my $30 budget for classroom tops.
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    Personally, to me shopping while losing a large amount of weight ends up being a huge waste of cash. Every time I buy something new, its too big in a month or two, so the cost per wear isn't great. Luckily I pretty much wear sun dresses and leggings and tanks during the summer so clothing becomes more forgiving.

    I tend to get something new if what I have isn't workable for now. I'm a SAHM mom so I don't really need to dress any one way.
  • scolaris
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    It is much easier in the SAHM years if you get to enjoy a few of those... Harder to look professional for full time job commitments in ill fitting tailored wear. I'm lucky because subbing allows me to dress kind of 'artsy/weekend' and not need suits or button fronts unless I want them.