When did you go shopping?



  • scolaris
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    But ohmygosh finding cute, well made but still affordable belts is an obsession of mine! Like finding needles in a haystack!!
  • scolaris
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    (This is the dirty little secret of wardrobe minimalists: we don't do as much actual shopping but we spend A LOT of time thinking about & planning our shopping! Hahaha)
  • RoxieDawn
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    My husband lost 65 pounds last year. It was at about 55 pounds before I could get him to stop looking like a homeless person.. He refused to buy clothes..
  • scolaris
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    Fortunately for me my weight loss coincided with my husband going from being a career NPS guy in ranger uniforms to spending 4 months in DC wearing suits everyday at NPS headquarters for his detail as a legislative aide. It cost us $1700 to buy him two full tailored suits, dress shoes, a sport jacket, a weeks worth of dress shirts, matching ties and a leather briefcase (instead of his usual bike messenger style backpack)... So he can't really make a peep about my clothing replacement program! HAHAHA
  • Alidecker
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    I had several wardrobes going from size 22/24 to 8/10. I didn't buy full wardrobes, but a couple of pairs of pants every couple of sizes. Shirts lasted longer than pants, they looked big, but they weren't falling down :)
  • moonchildisme
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    I finally started buying new clothes after losing 90 lbs....and man does it feel good. I went from a 32 to a 18/16. I still have a few 4x shirts to workout in but other than that I have been giving away my old stuff.
  • dotski2015
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    I've lost a total of 115 starting about 10-12 years ago, most of that with a lap band and i use MFP to stay at my "fighting" weight. I went through several wardrobes bc I work in a corporate environment and worn out baggy clothes don't look good and aren't as comfortable as one would think. I donated loooooots of clothes. I have very few friends that these were the right size or style for. This experience taught me to always love what you wear and buy the best you can afford and to only buy what you need - resist super trendy items and those great deals that weren't on your list - much like the supermarket;) It's not a deal if you were never looking for it in the first place! It will last longer and you'll look better and feel great and you'll get more use and enjoyment out of it. There is also a less guilt when it's time to get rid of something that you didn't get as much use of as you thought you were.
  • Hungry_Shopgirl
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    I found that anything with a drawstring in the waist or hips is a life saver. I found a gorgeous dress with one at the waist and it's been great through these last 15lb lost.

    I actually added drawstrings to my workout pants and a stretchy skirt. It's lengthened their life span by quite a few pounds ;)
  • kristen6350
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    I went from a 16 to a 6 (50lbs) and because I couldn't feel sloppy during the process or I'd lose all my ambition, I bought clothes at every size so I felt good. Did a lot of Goodwill/Resale places, had an Eddie Bauer Outlet near me where I could get jeans for less than $10.
  • AmandaIsherwood3
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    I've gone from a uk size 22 to currently uk 16 (I still can't believe it) I can't see the weight loss but when your trousers fall down and your daughter can fit in the top with you it's time to buy new clothes, all my old stuff I donate and I buy stuff from charity stores as don't want to spend too much while getting to my goal. We recently had some nice weather so out came my old sandals, I had to make a new hole as they felt big on my ankles, walking down the street and my sandal shot off my foot, so embarrassing having to pick it up out of the road. I'm no longer a size 7 in wide fitting I've gone to a 6 regular fit.