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I'm an alcoholic, and starting tomorrow I'm not letting myself drink



  • Shawshankcan
    Shawshankcan Posts: 900 Member
    Good luck.

    Don't be afraid to seek help in this.
    PTSDUK Posts: 276 Member
    you've taken the biggest step by admitting to yourself that you have an issue. I have been on the wagon now for 12 weeks. I suffer from PTSD and was hiding in a bottle, but l was getting worse. I take it youve joined AA for their support
  • missh1967
    missh1967 Posts: 661 Member
    edited June 2016
    nutmegoreo wrote: »
    Please reach out to your doctor for support on this. I have seen many people going through withdrawals, and several were drinking less than you do. No judgment here, I just want you to be safe while you make this transition. Withdrawals can range in intensity and can be pretty brutal for some. Develop a plan that includes knowing what signs and symptoms to look out for and have hubby support you when/if these things start happening. Early symptoms can be fairly mild, but they can get pretty bad. Best of luck to you.
    Good luck.

    Don't be afraid to seek help in this.

    Yes! Please be careful. Detoxing can be dangerous. If you find you are unable to do it alone, please don't be afraid to get help from a detox facility. When we have detox patients, we have to be careful of seizures and certain heart arrhythmias.
  • Gerbsxyng412
    Gerbsxyng412 Posts: 86 Member
    sending you hugs and prayers, I am here for support as I used to be and my father still is. I am very proud of you for having the courage to quit.
  • RosemaryBronte
    RosemaryBronte Posts: 103 Member
    Several members of my family gave up alcoholism by going to Alcoholics Anonymous. They say that the support and encouragement they get from their AS group has transformed their lives as well as enabling them to live free from alcohol.
  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,959 Member
    Several members of my family gave up alcoholism by going to Alcoholics Anonymous. They say that the support and encouragement they get from their AS group has transformed their lives as well as enabling them to live free from alcohol.

    We have a good friend who drank a fair bit but never had it interfere with his life, but when he decided to quit, he started AA. He reckons it's the best thing he's done. Maybe give it a try?
  • wolfgirl78
    wolfgirl78 Posts: 56 Member
    Be safe with your abstinence! I have a very good friend who was and alcoholic like you, functioning, and he went into the hospital for something else not alcohol related and went into withdrawal.

    Good luck!
  • kuhndog61
    kuhndog61 Posts: 23 Member
    Send me a friend request if you would like support. I would love to help any way I can. I am an alcoholic too and THERE IS A SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • itsalifestylenotadiet
    itsalifestylenotadiet Posts: 120 Member
    Thank you all for your kind words. It really and truly means a lot. Up until a few minutes ago, my husband was the only one that knew. I don't think my 12-year-old son even knows -- I wait to start drinking every night until he's asleep, even if that means I'm up until 3am.

    I have to say, I feel a little less shaken already. The kindness of strangers really is something.

    And @itsalifestylenotadiet , I'm sorry about your kitty. I'll be thinking about you. I sent you a request, but right now that's not important.

    You truly got this I believe, you took the first step and acknowledged you have a problem and for that I am very proud of you even though you are a stranger. It really makes my heart swell when there is a problem and it's acknowledged. Hard work and determination will get you there. I don't have a friend request from you but I will send you one.

    Thank you, my grandkids and daughter are devastated. We don't even know what happened to her but she is at peace now and buried with her funeral pending.

  • jgnatca
    jgnatca Posts: 14,464 Member
    Good to hear you are going to check out a meeting. In the interest of public information here are other groups.

    Do you have a plan on what you will do when the craving hits tonight? It might be a long night.
  • sueelaineparker
    sueelaineparker Posts: 51 Member
    Well done for taking such a huge step! You can do this. It's a long road with ups and downs but we all believe in you. Take it one day at a time and remember we're all here for support. Feel free to add me if you want to chat.
  • refuseresist
    refuseresist Posts: 934 Member
    Well done to you.

    I was never addicted, but I have given up alcohol more for the benefit to my mental health. People still find it unusual that I don't drink alcohol. It's a socially acceptable poison :p
  • AlecB62
    AlecB62 Posts: 264 Member
    Well I'd love to help but I'm in the same boat as you, drink every evening in moderation.
    Maybe I should try to give up? I've only managed a day here and there before.
  • SashEdwards
    SashEdwards Posts: 78 Member
    Congrats to you - if you want this, you'll have it. I quit drinking roughly 5 months ago, I quit smoking too - smoked for over 20 years, and surprisingly I miss the alcohol, not the smoking. I'm surprised at myself as I do crave and think about the beer quite often. Turns out perhaps I had more of an issue than I thought I did...I drank every day - probably average 3 a day, so I was well on my way getting there. I never thought of it as a problem until I quit. I didn't have withdrawal symptoms, however with the way my mind is now, I'm glad it happened when it did. I've now found drinking non-alcoholic beer helps - and it's low in calories so helps with the weight situation too.
    My point is, one day at a time, one right decision at a time. Feel free to add me if you'd can do this ;)
  • rescuemom27
    rescuemom27 Posts: 15 Member
    If you would like to add me for support feel free! I am a drug and alcohol treatment specialist at a male state prison. No judgment from me!
  • TarahByte
    TarahByte Posts: 125 Member
    I drink on occasion but lots of people in my family are alcoholics. I've seen 2 of my uncles die from cirrhosis and it is the worst, most painful, disgusting thing to see, and it takes FOREVER for everything to finally shut down and them to die. Basically they lie there all swollen and yellow and incoherent but still know they're going to die. Think that was enough to make me not want to drink that much. Sounds gross but maybe if you look up some of those images it'll help you too? Sorry if I threw the gross card but it's all I got.
  • streamgirl
    streamgirl Posts: 207 Member
    Good for you for seeing what you need to do. My husband is an alcoholic and hasn't had a drink in 20 years. He's also a nurse and sees a lot of patients who go in for surgery and have terrible troubles with DT for the couple of days they are without alcohol--it can be quite a health risk, so support from a doctor and a group like AA is a great idea!