My crush literally calls me black fat pig

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and get freaking Mandarin and we don't even speak Mandarin! her Mandarin-speaking girlfriend told him to said that! That was 9 years ago tho and yesterday I saw him at some random mall,after 9 years and it just reminds me of that particular drama I had.


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    Your profile says you are 21, so that means you were about 12 at the time. 12 year olds are cruel. Whether he said that or she just claimed he did, it was a petty child thing.
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    Ya I'm right there with you. That's a heck of a first post.

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    Those kinds of things can really hurt and stick with you for a looooong time. However, for your own sake, it would help you to forgive him, so that you can let go of that part of your life.
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    So did you learn Mandarin Chinese after that?
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    There's loads of things about this post I don't understand.. either way I'd just let it go, for your own sanity.. it was 9 years ago and you were kids sooo.. yeah. let it go.
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    Time to move on...bigger and better things (and guys!) await you when you finally let go of the drama!
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    Hold onto it and let it ruin your life

    its what id do
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    Ex-crush. Called. The present tense in your title betrays a worrying sense of currency for matters a decade old.
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    I do believe I would turn my back on that person. You'll find someone more positive to focus on!
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    Strong first post OP. Strong...
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    My mom is 63. There's times she still hides in a closet crying because of things that happened when she was 12. Don't be my mom. Don't let things from 51 years ago make you feel like you're unworthy. Live your life and move on, loving yourself.
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    Awesome update! Glad you are happy and have not been worrying about your ex crush. On to better things.
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    Good luck with your journey!
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    wow, you are beautiful. ignore the haters.