What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • fitfatty88
    fitfatty88 Posts: 273 Member
    blambo61 wrote: »
    To figure out how to turn off notifications from this thread!

    Click on the bell at the top of the page, click on Notification Preferences, adjust accordingly, ta da.
  • StacyLynnBennett
    StacyLynnBennett Posts: 28 Member
    MrsDogLady wrote: »
    Mine is to make it Onederland!!! I have 12 more pounds to go. I hit a plateau at 205 or 206 every time but this time I'm going to make it because I changed my nutrition taking supplements and started new gym. This is my year and I'm determined to make it. Also to stand up tall be proud of myself and not slouch over anymore to hide.

    LOL Me too! I was going to enter I have 12 pounds to Onederland! Good luck!

    Good luck to you as well I have 2 more lbs to go and I pass my plateau!
  • Konigboy
    Konigboy Posts: 86 Member
    My short term goal is to hit onederland. About 15 lbs to go, but seems I have been hitting a brick wall lately. Sigh....
  • T0M_K
    T0M_K Posts: 7,526 Member
    Started Lifting...new transformation.
  • jencook1969
    jencook1969 Posts: 25 Member
    Want to be 230 by august, currently 246, ultimate goal is 165...by July 2017....working at it 20 pounds at a time...
  • hollyviverette
    hollyviverette Posts: 2 Member
    Getting Below 150!
  • meritage4
    meritage4 Posts: 1,441 Member
    I had said a mini goal was fitting into some size 12 zip off pants for active outdoor use. I have not worn these for about 7 years. But I love them-and had slimmed out of 2 cheaper replacement pairs. So today I wore my old pants hiking. I'm thrilled. They look ok and will still be fine with another 5 -10 lbs gone. (and I had picked up 2 more pair of these type of pants at thrift store for a time such as this)
  • lilysmama08
    lilysmama08 Posts: 60 Member
    Getting Below 150!

    Yes! I was exactly 150 Saturday, but was bad over the weekend. So hoping I will be 149 by Friday!
  • treehugnmama
    treehugnmama Posts: 816 Member
    To fit into some shorts I bought and to be down 50 pounds by end of September. .down 32 now.
  • motivatedsister
    motivatedsister Posts: 544 Member
    To get to 189! I've been in the 190s way too long, I'm ready to say goodbye.
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