My food crack is...



  • precious_cargo
    precious_cargo Posts: 33 Member
    Ice cream
  • briscogun
    briscogun Posts: 1,135 Member
    Cookies and ice cream. Pure. Crack.

    Pizza I can keep to 2 pieces and factor into my calories for the day. Even chips (just control my portions and log it). But usually ice cream and cookies come at me after my day is "over" and I've already logged everything and now I'm just binging. I can't have one cookie, either. It has to be like 6! And one scoop of ice cream? No. It's gotta be like a bowl full!

    But most of the time I just try to be good and not get started. I'll just avoid them and have a bar or something.
  • tishbiv
    tishbiv Posts: 41 Member
    Mine is cheese! My total downfall! Anything thats gooey and cheesy or just cheese and crackers. If I had a piece of chocolate pie (which is my fav) and some cheesy quesadillas sitting in front of me I would choose the cheese everytime!
  • ToxDocAR
    ToxDocAR Posts: 49 Member
    Pizza and I have a bond that will never, ever be broken.
  • hannahsadler_tn
    hannahsadler_tn Posts: 77 Member
    Agree with everyone about chips and dip (french onion OMG drool.) Another kind of weird one for me is tomato and basil Wheat Thins with cream cheese on them. I bought the Wheat Thins but NOT the cream cheese the last time I went grocery shopping. That combo is just too dangerous to handle lol.
  • BellaSOUL11
    BellaSOUL11 Posts: 49 Member
    This spicy, sweet, tangy Mexican candy. Sooooo high in sodium. but so damn good. Mmmmmmm
  • enterdanger
    enterdanger Posts: 2,447 Member
    Soft Pretzels. They are my Kryptonite. And yes, I do live close to Philly.
  • willworkoutforwine
    willworkoutforwine Posts: 64 Member
    Chips and dip
    Chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant

    Damn it, I'm hungry!
  • lorenlesley
    lorenlesley Posts: 24 Member
    Starbucks frappuchinos . I just wish they didn't exist or the reduced calorie ones tasted as good as the calorie loaded ones
  • hilarycyr
    hilarycyr Posts: 2 Member
    I know how bad they are, but Doritos has a Buffalo flavor, and when I start eating them...I. Just. Cant. Stop.
  • DayLi77
    DayLi77 Posts: 655 Member
    cake with frosting
    ice cream
  • KetoneKaren
    KetoneKaren Posts: 6,400 Member
    257_Lag wrote: »
    I'm surprised to see Nutella listed here so often. 48 years old and I've never tried it. Sounds like I shouldn't!

    Do. Not. Try. Nutella.
    Hyperbum wrote: »
    This will be a weird list:

    Potato chips.
    Black licorice.
    Carrot cake.
    Homemade bread and butter.
    Gummy bears.
    Bean burritos.

    Oh my, good quality black licorice. Yes! I can't stop myself. I think you've actually triggered me now. Gonna have to find some and sneak it in.

    Besides that I love bread any kind really but mostly super soft plain old white sunbeam. Even as a kid I would pull out the middle and make bread balls. Think I could eat an entire loaf. I have fit at least one slice in per day as to avoid engulfing an entire loaf.

    Oops, sorry I triggered you...

  • LivyMarie93
    LivyMarie93 Posts: 134 Member
    French fries
    Mac n Cheese
  • whavens2w2
    whavens2w2 Posts: 8 Member
    Cheddar and sour cream ruffles. Everything else, I can stop, but not with the ruffles. :( So now I don't buy them and definitely don't keep them in the house, but I have asked my husband to buy the small single-serve bag for me as a very occasional treat, and I always share a few with him and the kids.
  • lauraesh0384
    lauraesh0384 Posts: 463 Member
    Tortilla chips and salsa con queso. I haven't even attempted to buy it since counting calories because I know I won't be able to stop. I can eat just about any food in moderation, but that I don't think I'd be able to. Another one is Wasabi and Soy almonds. I only buy them in the single serving bags now because I eat way too many if there are more near me. I'm a sucker for Wasabi.
  • BruinsGal_91
    BruinsGal_91 Posts: 1,400 Member
    Cheesy puffs
    More cheese
    Yet more cheese
    Anything with chocolate and salted caramel
    But mainly cheese
  • Cyndiaquino
    Cyndiaquino Posts: 72 Member
    kirayng2 wrote: »
    Ice cream. It was fries, but just realized it's actually ice cream. In the summer I can eat it almost every day. 1/2 cup is so tiny too. :(

    Have you tried freezing a banana then blending it until it's the consistency of ice cream. You could also mash it then freeze it. This way you get ice cream, but healthy.
  • windee52
    windee52 Posts: 1,690 Member
    peanut butter. I have an unhealthy obsession
  • mis1022
    mis1022 Posts: 109 Member
    Can of cold frosting with a spoon

    Tortilla chips and cheese
  • j9stagemgr
    j9stagemgr Posts: 14 Member
    anything edible ... but mostly what everyone else has already posted ...
    ice cream; cookies; burritos, pretzels cheese and wine, ice cream, ....